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Secondly, the online behavior of those who push this or that product is no different than the politicians who we have to listen to everyday. They create the dirt on the Internet, so much so that it is only making it tougher for those of us who would really like to do this ethically. Thankfully there are people like you who help keep the dream in front of us.

My situation is I’m a Professor and Program Director for a Community College teaching massage therapy, a very in-demand field yet my college does little marketing. It’s my job to recruit students. I have a Facebook page and Twitter, and about 100+ followers on each. Can you see this type of system with funnels etc. working to help recruit potential students? If so, how? I feel like building content and creating opt ins should help, as we too are offering a “product”. Thanks for your time!

You have a beautiful site. Have you ever considered putting a prominent link to the success stories at the top of the page? Also, I notice you don’t emphasize getting on your mailing list. Your product is perfect for Follow Up email marketing.

Spicyoffers is aware of the difficulties Advertisers can face by dealing with networks, we are Offers Owners too! Our company has many years of dual expertise in both facets of the advertising process. Entrust your offers to Spicyoffers and enjoy:

Make sure to apply the various product filtering options to find products that are popular but not yet promoted by a large number of affiliates, products that have high rebill amount and earned per sale value.

If you choose to include a Tracking ID on your HopLink, it is visible to anyone who clicks your HopLink, as is your account nickname. Having both of these pieces of information visible to others may invite unauthorized access to your account.

Timely payment: You can choose to get paid as often as every week through its multiple options. you will get the credit for your sales even if customers wait up to 60 days to purchase after clicking your link.

I have been making money online for over a year now. Not in the big time yet, still consider myself to be learning my craft. I was doing it really ineffectively (using adsense and amazon along with a t shirt affiliate deal) and driving traffic almost exclusively though facebook. Probably averaged about $800 a month over the last year, mostly because Christmas brought an absolute ton of t shirt sales)

Hi Gael, Thank you very much for this great post, it is the best post I’ve ever read about how to generate money online in general (not only ClickBank), enasmudher comment and your reply grabs my attention, if 130 is not that much, in your opinion, how many emails is considered a good starting point?

I am absolutely new to the whole online marketing thing. I visited CB in 2012, then, it appeared overwhelming so I put it on the back burner. A week ago I revisited CB and ran two campaigns without a website nor blog . I went to Fiverr and had traffic directed to my CB ad. At this point, I’m just waiting to see if anything converts. I jumped in without knowing too much of what I was doing… I needed to take some type of action.

6 – Persuasive Vendor Pitch Page – Finally, don’t forget to take a long, hard look at the product’s sales page, since you will be relying on it to convert your HopLinks into commissions! Does it look convincing? Does it address the concerns of the market? Is it persuasive and credible, or does it sound over the top and unbelievable? Would you buy from a site that looked like that?

Using the character ~ after a keyword will return listings that include keywords that are spelled similarly to the keyword. For example, if you type roam~, it would return listings with keywords such as roams, foam, etc.

A brand new “Top ClickBank Product Reviews PLR” package was launch. It will will have reviews for the TOP 15 bestselling products on ClickBank. It’s exactly WHAT YOU NEED to turn your readers into paying customers. Never has it been easier to be a ClickBank affiliate.

Your thoughts about ClickBank are 100% dead on, especially #2. I’ve found that the key to ClickBank has almost nothing to do with your copy, it’s THEIR copy that matters. I did affiliate marketing for World of Warcraft guides through ClickBank for a while to two different affiliates. I had great copy on my site that sold the product well, and I was selling about two per day. I wasn’t satisfied with that though and started really analyzing ClickBank further. I found what you found, I couldn’t deep link or do anything to make sure my copy did the selling correctly, so I had to rely on their copy and streamline my content. So, I just made a simple page with some pretty graphics, two links and a sentence or two, and that’s it. My sales jumped to 5 per day. I think the key to success with ClickBank is straight forward:

To be clear 😉 first I need to prepare article with a good shareable content and next all your “sales tips”. But I have one question do I need my own blog or site to start selling. I mean can I prepare a good article and post it somewhere else, in other words without my own website ?

CLOUD PRO HOSTING Associated with AUTO MASS TRAFFICOrder Number: W2DFVEBVOrder Date: 08/12/2014 12:37 PM PDT Send me a email selling DOMAIN NAMES—-and was associated with Clickbank—scamming me and lied about their services Nicosia P.C. Internet

Schnapp Dir Jetzt Mein Ebook Und Beginne Deinen Traumkörper Zu Formen. Tauche Ein In Die Welt Der Pushups, Pullups Und Squats. Sie Wird Nicht Von Beginn An Deine Lieblingswelt Sein, Aber Sie Wird Dich Durch Dein Leben Begleiten Und Positiven Verändern!

Get Handed The Keys To A 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Business @ For Each Backend High Ticket Sale That You Generate You Earn $1,000 Commissions And 100% Commissions Across His Whole Top Selling Product Line. Click Here To Learn How.

The earning potential with Clickbank ads is limitless. By displaying Clickbank ads on your site, you can monetize your visitors automatically! Once you start displaying ads, there’s no stopping the money.

Clickbank products are one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms in the online industry with a good reputation. All products have a 60-day money back guarantee that makes people more prone to purchase.

You can use this in other networks or even for your own products. Be careful though, as offers do occasionally get pulled. You need to be sure you have a backup offer in case this happens (or you’re ready to create a backup yourself).​

One of the most common questions I see asked about Clickbank is whether or not it is a “legit” platform. On that basis, I’ve decided to address it early on in my review. What is most interesting is that this question gets asked both by customers looking to purchase products through CB’s payment gateway, as well as affiliates wondering whether or not they are going to get duped with stolen commissions or missed payments.

“does clickbank cost money _clickbank university money back”

So I’m slated to move all of my products/services away from Clickbank this month simply because there truly is no benefit for me to stay while the other product which “promises the world” (for only $39) is there.

I’m new to the affiliate marketing scene. I’m doing a lot of reading and trying to learn how this all works. While I have I believe I have the basics, there are so many programs and so much info on affiliate marketing, I’m kind of dizzy with information overload. I believe clickbank is good thing but there are so many products, it’s hard to determine what’s legit and what’s not.

Hi Gael, This is amazing. Seriously this is worth gold. I’ve never read any blog post or an ebook for a matter of fact that goes into such detail. After reading this, I think I’m going to buy subscription to your pro program as well.

The Spanish market is a totally untapped opportunity! There are opportunities to do very cheap media buys and advertising in the Spanish market that can make you a lot of money. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you need to consider promoting this.

I’ve known Rosalind for many years and would say without doubt that she is very much not a scammer. I learned a lot from her book and promote her sites often. I’m happy you are following her too although sorry you had a bad experience based on a recommendation from her.

As a product owner, you may want to consider pasting the Ustream video at the top of your sales page when you are doing your live broadcast. As you are answering your viewers’ questions, you can refer them to parts of your sales copy directly below your video. For example, if one of the viewers asks, “Will your product work for me when I have a limited amount of time?” you can point that person to one of your testimonials from a person who said, “Even though I had a limited amount of time I was able to get incredible results from your product.”

The problem that comes up sometimes when creating an online business using the Clickbank marketplace is that Clickbank almost is drowning in its own success.  For many people, sorting through his vast marketplace to figure out what product to promote … [Read more…]

Hello There, G Pall Here. I am an experienced internet marketer since 2014 and also a senior mentor of “Legit Review” team.  On behalf of Legit Review Team, I’m presenting you today a review of new mystical product on the marketplace named ClickBank Cash Machines 2.0 by Liming Wu!

To put it simply, ClickBank Ad Rotator is an incredibly lucrative alternative to Google Adsense. There are Pay per click systems like Google Adsense that would generate just a few pennies per click, but when you promote products from Clickbank, you get a pay per sale, which means that you could be earning up to $75 on just one single sale. A lines of code will display the latest Clickbank marketplace ads on your site, with your Clickbank ID embedded in all your links.

I have been studying Affiliate Marketing for months to find products that will help people become entrepreneurs and in turn hoping to sell good quality products. My journey has been anything but enjoyable, after downloading over 100 free reports, watching countless webinars and videos and buying and returning multiple products I have now given up at least in the ClickBank, JV Zoo and similar areas.

The big reason: I can’t track what happens after the person clicks off my site! I can track how many people click through to the publisher’s site, but I can’t track what happens after that. Do they download the software? The software I am promoting has a free trial period. Does the publisher send them a follow-up email after their trial has expired? How many people have I sent to their site who actually downloaded the software? I have no idea. That makes tracking conversions nearly impossible.

I haven’t seen any tracking and reporting benefits from CB in their website which makes my stomach queezy. The first thing they should stress is how affiliates get paid, and how to track earnings and sales. After all that’s their service. How do we know what’s going on in their back room?

this site is absolute scam dont ever expect your getting your refund after purchased all Biased ” ClickBank.com ” an absolute scam no refunds guaranteed so be careful when they say you can get a refund, dont ever mess with these people.

Any internet site is destined to fall short if it looks like it was built from a cookie cutter WordPress web template or from canned CSS obtained from another website. Commit your time and energy into learning the fundamentals of web development, and style your site based on other modern websites that follow best practices.

CBS Formula software review by Precious Ngwu – get making money online that includes readymade products, opt-in pages, sales pages, email swipes and training videos that will allow your setup a new marketing brand and become profitable in as little as 24 hours

When I am looking for any guidance related to SEO or digital marketing today, the only name that I can trust upon and speak directly to, is Preet. With her expertise in industry, she is the real master of all trivial to major strategies when I am developing my blog or working for my clients. Very dedicated and efficient person to work with!! Strongly recommend her for any business upfront.

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After Reviewing 250+ products I found that the product is an indicator of the quality off the upsells. From that point of view, I can say ClickBank Cash Machines 2.0 at least don’t worth the time and the prices.

Now what! You’ll pay $200 for crappy clickbank products and does trade at will using its intelligence so-called coding and finally you lose everything. Don’t ever buy software if that says make money with the click of a button. Software doesn’t have life so it can’t understand your feelings and dictation. Hence they’re dead objects. Mind it.


However, think about it, Amazon is a great affiliate for me. If anyone types in the phrase, “how to sell ebooks,” for example, my book pops up at the top most results. And they sell lots of my ebooks and only take a 30% cut of any sale. That sounds like a pretty good affiliate seller in my opinion.

Always paid on time. I’ve never failed to be paid correctly and on time by Clickbank, and don’t hear much about other affiliates having their payments missed either. Contrast this to some smaller aff networks where you will probably always have a nagging thought in your mind as to whether you will get paid out, you’ll never need to worry with CB. Just like Ja Rule, they are always on time.

Well the lack of responses certainly answers my question. With that out of the way, has anyone here managed to find a reliable way to generate at least $50k per year online? I am not picky in what it is that I do, but I would like to find someone who is living proof that making a full-time income online is possible.

NB. I want to make it clear at this point that I’m not wailing on all Clickbank products. There are some fantastic products out there that provide real value to customers. There is also nothing inherently wrong at all with selling information, even if that information is already publicly available in another format (if you can condense it, expand on it, or somehow make it better, then you’re adding knowledge and deserve to be able to profit).  However, I also happen to have an intimate knowledge of the quality of many popular products on the network, and the fact that they are triumphs of marketing over substance.

Once you have identified a product, click on the “promote” button, enter you clickbank nickname (created in Step 1) above and click on the “Create” button. And voila! You have your Clickbank affiliate link.

The direct deposit method is recommended if your country is accepted, the money is credited to your account in 2 – 4 days. Checks are only valid 90 days and will take a few days to arrive. Wired payments cost $35 per wire sent and are only available for accounts with sufficient volume.

This is definitely the foremost comprehensive guide anyone has ever place along for gratis. I’ve been looking for somebody to synthesize a subject like this for an extended time, thank you most for all the work you set into this. It shows.

Hmm.. honestly I don’t know because every affiliate program I’ve ever joined has been through an affiliate network of some type. But now that I think about it, I guess you could consider a network like Amazon because that is pretty much its own affiliate entity. Not to say that others don’t exist, but they usually are within a network. I have never really had a particularly hard time dealing with affiliate programs in general. Clickbank has its issues but if you are promoting digital products it is one of the better options.

You might also want to try searching for a particular product listed in the ClickBank Marketplace if you know what you are looking for. Search ClickBank Marketplace page allows you to specify the search words and apply various filters as you search the clickbank marketplace.

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You probably have observed another Financial Forecast Center Review but none of them shows you that Financial Forecast Center SCAM or certainly not!. In our Unbiased and Honest one, could tell you how  Topcb.com put a lot of things about AdWords Miracle Guide that suite for your need… Get look the information of Financial Forecast […]

But none of the reasons would make them a scam company nor are they themselves scammers. Some of their vendors, yes, they are scammers and should not allowed to sell on clickbank. But clickbank itself is not a scammer company.

Avoid doing the same adjustments of the ‘filters’, ‘order by’ and ‘folders’ controls over and over again… You can save several settings of these controls as a predefined search and access them later on in just one click.

if i am a beginner , and i would like to learn just to be an affiliater, would this help me learn that? Would it also tell me what kind of toold to use? or is it just upsales of clickbank? As a beginner is this going to guid me correctly? or can you recommend me some thing else??

This makes the owners of this product and the product itself questionable to say the least. I have emailed them but no reply so far. Although this might not be a scam it certainly is a foolish mistake to male by self professed “experts”.

Hi Gael, This is amazing. Seriously this is worth gold. I’ve never read any blog post or an ebook for a matter of fact that goes into such detail. After reading this, I think I’m going to buy subscription to your pro program as well.

Yeah Todd the 5 sales and the dormant account charges are two things many people don’t know about although they are both clearly mentioned in the ClickBank Accounting Policy. Having said that there is so much to read in the CB Legal & Policies most people just don’t take the time.

OTO # 1 Giftracker PRO Version Upgrade OTO Software Bonus – Best Upsell #1 of Gifpublishr PRO GIF Social Marketing Software by Martin Crumlish of AUTOMATICALLY evenly distribute your traffic to each link …QUICKLY see which offers convert best in real time Scaling just got REALLY easy.

Let’s do a little reality check here, I highly doubt you can buy traffic on Fiverr and have it convert on any ClickBank offer. Quality traffic is not acquired on Fiverr (that’s for sure). Focus on building a value adding funnel like described in the post rather than looking for a shortcut. You can’t just spend 5 bucks to make 40 in 5 minutes, I’d be a billionaire otherwise :).

This is an awesome post and i really like the way you present it. I saw one minor flaw which could be a bad experience for your visitors. You have a link above “10 best list building tools list” but when i downloaded it only shows 9 :-).

I like Clickbank and always have. I have used other payment processors over the years but Clickbank makes selling online easy and convenient. As an affiliate I still promote Clickbank products but candidly I don’t do that as much as I used to due to the hyped-up sites so popular on Clickbank lately. There are so many wonderful products online now that relying on Clickbank is, in my view, a mistake.

ClickBank product review sites that are composed of long paragraphs of text are neither exciting, nor engaging for the audience. Individuals are more likely to commit to a purchase if they’re engaged through content that consists of videos and graphics.

Yes Cathy, there is certainly a large choice of products in the marketplace and finding a good product to promote can take some time. I agree with you that the best way to start with ClickBank is when you have your own website already up and running. It would be good if they offered some free training for their affiliates although I don’t think they could provide a better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate.

While I appreciate your opinion I must strongly disagree. Tracking by cookie is a commonly accepted standard online. Clickbank’s cookie duration is 60 days as far as I know. Other sites, some very large sites, also use cookies but their cookie duration is 24 hours.

Believe or not there is a program right now that people are killing it with because it is automated and the system works. It has the lowest refund rate on clickbank and it has been around for a long time and recently was updated .

If you are not sure what you would like to find in the ClickBank Marketplace, then you could just hit the search button without selecting any options or entering any keywords. This way, all availiable products will be shown with the most popular products being displayed at the top of the page. Or else, you might choose to browse the clickbank products instead.

Because Clickbank is also a payment network – i.e. they process the payment of sales, Clickbank is quite good at preventing fraud. Merchants aren’t able to try and trick you out of sales (unfortunately this does happen) because Clickbank gives you your cut straight out of the payment.

I have been slammed by “affiliates” with ClickBank’s LottoCrusher and if they are as reliable and legit as you tout, then why in the devil are they sent using spoofed or non existent emails, no way of opting out and on those one in a million that have them if you do the trash continues, there is no way to contact LottoCrusher and their claim of being sympathetic to those receiving spam emails provide an email address that rejects all emails as being non-existent? And why doesn’t ClickBank answer emails to those contacting them about their client’s spam and abuse? Any help in getting info to these places to once and for all stop their spam, please answer as I would love to know and to stop them. I’d NEVER consider anything relating to ClickBank if Lotto Crusher is the type of client they would take.

@Simon1234: This can often be one of the trickiest things – remember though that while it is preferable, not ever product you promote has to have a gravity of above 30 – so long as you have one or two with high gravity, you can add in some lower gravity related products to give your site more options. Remember though – just because there are lots of people in the niche doesn’t mean you can’t get in there – in fact if there are lots of people making money out of a niche, that means that you can likely get in and take your share of the pie too. Also with searching Clickbank, yes sometimes you can get unrelated results – best idea is to narrow your search options by category. Then it’s just a matter of reading through and research – it takes time, but it’s worth it.

Income verification also offers clickbank a fall back position if a company or a product needs to be removed for false advertising. Basic standards and ethics rules could be evenly applied to all parties as well as some manner of dispute resolution process.

But beneath the glowing exterior of Clickbank, is it really the best place to buy from or promote products? Depending on the source, it seems to go either way; some say it’s an amazing place and yet others say it’s horrible. If you’re wondering if Clickbank is a scam, we’ll dive into the details within this review.

“clickbank refund request form _landing page for clickbank products”

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I have bought some of the product you reference, $37.00 for a one click system, not thinking that it was true but a source of information to learn IM. When i receive/download the product and informed that to really be successful I should buy other software products I immediately request a refund. Clickbank is told the reason that the vendor is wanting to upsell. To this date Clickbank has given me the refund.

This from someone who has been a CB member from day one! And I do agree they are prompt with payments when due, also refunding for anything purchased, as I have done so a couple times over the years out of curiousity. Best of luck to one and all! C+

Avg Rebill Total – This number represents the average total dollar value of a sale, including only rebill payments, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an avg rebill total above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.

BBB reports on unauthorized use of the Better Business Bureau’s name and/or logo for as long as the business continues to use it in any advertising, or for one year after the business ceases any repeated unauthorized uses.

Just in case you are wondering what the Clickbank marketplace is, I guess a good brief description would be that it is giant collection of digital products that internet marketing affiliates can offer for sale.  The nice thing about Clickbank is that it is very easy to sign up for and when the products do sell, affiliates get a pretty nice commission.

No approval needed to make an account. Most CPA networks require you to go through some kind of verification process where you get grilled on how you are going to drive traffic, and how much experience you have. If you’re not confident on the phone (or you just don’t have the requisite experience) then you might get denied, which means no offers to promote! With Clickbank you can just create an account and get cracking. You aren’t going to get your account suspended or blocked without having either a) terrible, woeful refund rates, which suggests that you are doing something dodgy to get those sales or b) breaking lots of TOS rules. Compared to how twitchy some CPA networks can be, this is a Godsend for a beginner affiliate. You will make mistakes all the way along your journey … Clickbank doesn’t care too much.

Looking forward to having a one on one converstion with you too soon (after our family ski trip) Anyway, I have a website and blog where I use eBooks and DOE from Clickbank and it was my first money making online success. I’ve never had problems with clickbank but I agree they need to clean up some of the “get rich quick” ones. Everything I affiliate in clickbank are also products I have bought and used myself. I’m happy!

Christene, I think it’s also very important for affiliates who promote Clickbank products to know that Clickbank can simply decide to SUSPEND their affiliate account and keep their commission without informing them. They treat their affiliates like garbage, giving only canned responses. You simply don’t get paid. So, not only do they not want you if you’re not successful, but also if you are successful. Once you have enough money in their allowance, they simply close your account and keep the money for themselves. I have found that communicating with them is impossible as they think they know everything and their way is always right.

In order to know your conversions come from, the best practice is to create a new link each time you put a link somewhere. This way, you will be able to tell which emails/pages convert and which don’t.

2. Additionally, do you think it’s feasible to use this as a passive income source, along with a regular job? I’m willing to put in the upfront investment of 2-3 months with more time, but after that, it’s difficult for me to spend more than 5-8 hours a week. Looking forward to your response. Loved the post.

You can use the Marketplace to find one or more products to promote. Products across all languages and types are available and can be searched. Once you’ve found a product you want to promote, you can generate a HopLink that incorporates your nickname and the vendor’s nickname. When a customer follows this link to a vendor’s page and purchases one or more products from that vendor, you receive a commission for the sale.

In the process of redefinition, we make changes so as to improve the title and description of Clickbank products, making them much more attractive to potential buyers. Thus more redefined! If you wish to see how a Clickbank Marketplace raw XML data and a CBproAds REDEFINED ad differs, please click here.

Add more an added mobile phone line into your office at home. As a result, you reduce the danger of having other family members (especially children) respond to your telephone. Although your loved ones members might have the best intentions at coronary heart, they can not deal with the main buyer phone call with the level of professionalism and trust that it really requires.

Their site is easy to use and they offer very good customer service in my experience. But they have leaned toward the fast buck artists by introducing selling methods like “one click upsells” and other tools.

So from a customer viewpoint they are outstanding in their customer service but could do a better job in eliminating the junk products being sold through clickbank. As a vendor I might not be as happy with them for various reasons.

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Try this test. Set your cookies to Per Session and go to any Clickbank product page and enter to buy anything. At the bottom of the secure page you will see [affiliate = none] I just copied and pasted this result at 12:12 pm 8-4-2011

What? Some bloke is charging you $15 for a 500 word article. Tell him to take a hike with the zombies. Flaming Hot PLR can rival most freelancers who charge more than they’re worth. Those oxygen thieves

How is the playback speed and quality of video products on clickbank? I am in the process of creating one, and I uploaded a relatively small video (187 mb mp4) and the play back is really bad. Buffering crazy slow.

Now all you need to do is follow the instructions and fill in the fields on the registration page. This will set you up with an account that can be used to both promote products as an affiliate and sell

Banner pages can be quite a important tool for your personal enterprise website. It is possible to trade hyperlinks or artwork with other sites, that have content material on the same subject as the one you have. It becomes an good way to improve the presence of your internet site on search engines like yahoo, which makes it easier for consumers to get your organization.

BBB promotes truth in advertising by contacting advertisers whose claims conflict with the BBB Code of Advertising. These claims come to our attention from our internal review of advertising, consumer complaints and competitor challenges. BBB asks advertisers to substantiate their claims, change ads to make offers more clear to consumers, and remove misleading or deceptive statements.

ClickBank Marketplace is a collection of thousands of digital products. ClickBank does not own those products, ClickBank is simply an aggregator/payment processor. The products listed in the marketplace are created and owned by vendors – people that create and want to sell digital products.

Ok I can’t give a definitive answer because I don’t know how much you make maximum per sale for that offer but if you pick your offer right, we get up to $120 initial sales due to multiple upsales, that clearly helps with paying for paid traffic.

Got my ClickBank account banned. Contacted abuse department that what they said: “This account has been terminated due to a terms of service violation. For security reasons, we are unable to release any further details concerning the termination.” Didn’t do anything, didn’t bought traffic, clicked on my ad only 1 time to check. And they blocked my account with no explanation, didn’t even notified me. Had to contact support to know that I’m banned.

The direct deposit method is recommended if your country is accepted, the money is credited to your account in 2 – 4 days. Checks are only valid 90 days and will take a few days to arrive. Wired payments cost $35 per wire sent and are only available for accounts with sufficient volume.

Yet there is no guarantee you’ll make money with it. Despite the fact the fake Forex trading software promises that you can dump money using Forex trading software and automate the system. It tells you the software will handle all the work from taking a decision to trading signals preciously.

In this article, I’ll share 4 simple ways you can start getting more from the Marketplace with just a little bit of extra effort. Proper research before promoting a product is often the difference between success and failure, so try out these techniques to get your promotions off on the right foot!

The average percentage per sale is the average commission that you make. In this case, for every sale that they make, you get half, and it’s the same story with the average percentage of re-bill. No matter what; when you sell, you get 50%. Typically, the average percentage for a sale and the average percentage for a re-bill are exactly the same. The Gravity, again, is basically how many different affiliates are making sales, in this case over 300, which is very good.

“autopilot clickbank download -google and clickbank monthly earnings”

I personally do not use ClickBank and I am a blogger. I just didn’t find any products with them that seemed to fit my business model. You did a great job this article, and after reading, I know that I will probably never use Clickbank and it kind of makes me wonder about other affiliate websites as well. It’s tough too when you are first starting out. Seems it takes a very long time to get the traffic and get an income. Shame on them for the fees!

I think your conversions are really going to depend on a variety of things here – including the quality of the product and the quality of the sales page. I don’t think YouTube is the best place to directly link to a sales video – if that’s what you’re doing. It’s a softer sale if it’s from a youtube video, linking to a review on your blog and then on to Clickbank…. or something along those lines. People don’t buy from people they don’t know or trust, (generally). So, your conversions will be very low if you’re getting first time visitors land on your YouTube video and then checking out the product. They will probably then check out several reviews and other YouTube videos etc… If they click on someone else’s affiliate link after yours, then you will lose the sale. You can trust clickbank to pay you, (in my experience so far). You don’t need to worry about the vendors, because the affiliate link you generate is through Clickbank and they’re the ones processing the sales. Vendors can choose to block affiliates though, if they’re promoting the products against their T&C’s… I don’t know if they inform you about that when they do, or not! Hope that helps, Nat.

→Addiction [24]→Beauty [59]→Dental Health [11]→Dietary Supplements [8]→Diets & Weight Loss [305]→Exercise & Fitness [268]→General [86]→Meditation [17]→Mens Health [114]→Mental Health [54]→Nutrition [39]→Remedies [256]→Sleep And Dreams [22]→Spiritual Health [14]→Strength Training [59]→Womens Health [71]→Yoga [15]

ClickBank storefronts display the products in the ClickBank Marketplace together with a powerful search facility. Every product is encoded with your affiliate nickname so that you receive commission for every purchase.

These are just a few ideas on how to harness the power of Ustream when it comes to promoting Clickbank products. The possibilities for using live video are limitless. This post was meant to get your creative juices flowing and give you a way to stand out amongst the crowd. If you have a creative way to put a twist on what I have just shared, please take a moment to share it in a comment. Here’s your chance to take the spotlight!

Total $/sale: For one-time purchases, this number is the same as $/sale. For recurring billing products, it equals the average total of the initial sale plus all rebills, divided by the number of initial sales.

Adwords will let you promote squeeze pages but not the short ones we are used to. You need a template that’s a lot bigger and has more content. I suggest you look into Leadpages, they have Adwords compliant squeeze pages.

Lesson learned – with an email list you control your traffic. This article is priceless. I have spent weeks and weeks researching purely how to use an email list properly, and this is by far the best resource I have found.

Also another reason Idon’t really care fo CB is those crappy/scammy products! I know all of them are not scams but a lot of them are. And this makes it really hard for me to feel confident about promoting it. Those products should really be tested by CB instead of them just giving merchants the greenlight. I definitely don’t want to push scams on someone (even if they do give a 60 day money back guarantee, it’s still a time wasting factor and a trust factor when I recommend products).

Cheap Woodworking Secrets Review is exactly what you’re trying to find? or  Jim Whidden trustworthiness, or… also you need to know that  Cheap Woodworking Secrets Scam even if it’s just not Really Work. Well then, i’ll point out obviously the truth of AdWords Miracle Guide by  Jim Whidden was legitimate product in a prior to […]

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Nevertheless, we all make mistakes, we’re all sinners (but some of us are forgiven sinners, and provided the righteousness of Christ … not that we deserve it, of course, but because we asked for it, properly), and may God bless all three of you. A little bit of His blessing on your life and “crude and rude” will fade away, if not instantly disappear. No kiddin’.

Reviewing Clickbank has been a monstrous task for me. When I started writing this I thought I’d be done in a  thousand words. Instead I feel like I’ve redone Tolstoy’s War and Peace! Nonetheless, I have enjoyed writing this review and hope you have learned something useful from it.

“understanding clickbank gravity -clickbank affiliate marketing – make money without a website”

I am really glad that you share this important information with us, it’s really important that we share this type of scams info publicly and because of this everyone aware of these scams and fraudsters. Problem is everybody wants to make money in an easy way and that is the biggest reason to fall for these scams and the senior citizens are the best and easy target for these scammers. These scammers wants only and only your money because this is one of the easiest way to make money. You work your whole life and make money by doing lots of hard work and sacrifices and they just took all of it within one night and banished.

When I first started Internet Marketing I really was unsure of my ability to make money with ClickBank, and really had my doubts. I worked a full time job, which consumed a lot of my time, I was far from a computer programmer (I still am not anything close to a computer programmer), and I had never built a website in my life. This isn’t exactly the ideal skill set for someone who wants to make a living online but that is exactly what I did, and you can too, no matter what your background is.

So, have a scroll through ClickBank’s Marketplace and create a shortlist of niches you think you could effectively promote. Of course, ultimately you need to choose a profitable market over one that you simply like talking about, so these next steps will help you whittle your list down.

Forex Professional EA Forex Robot Installation Service by digitalstore • March 19, 2012 • Comments OffProfessional Ea/forex Robot Installation And Setup Service Easetup.com Provides Professional Forex Robot And Expert Advisor Installation & Setup Service For All Forex Traders. Most of the popular Fo…

JVZOO Clickbank and JVZOO female employees are dishonest with all the Affiliates payments! Your hit counter and their counter dont match up! Do not sign up with them because if you do, you will be working for free and they will cash in all your earnings for free. Internet

Yeah, anybody promoting a Clickbank product (or well, ANY product for that matter) should do thorough research to make sure it is up to par and something they feel comfortable recommending. I think 2 different forms of payment just means at least 2 different credit cards, debit cards, or paypal accounts (or a combination of any). Basically so they know the products were purchased by more than one person.

It does feel a little like they’re stealing money, particularly from those new to online marketing that don’t have a reliable amount of monthly sales. I myself have made affiliate sales and never saw a single cent of any of my commissions, as they took them away from me with these dormant fees. (Although I must note that I never seriously promoted any Clickbank product, I only made a few sales from putting links for products I was reviewing, but not endorsing).

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CBEngine is comprised of a suite of software tools along with a database containing thousands of affiliate products in the ClickBank system, and a little training on how to make the most of your business.

The Beer Brewing Book Review is exactly what you’re trying to find? or  Topcb.com trustworthiness, or… also you need to know that The Beer Brewing Book Scam even if it’s just not Really Work. Well then, i’ll point out obviously the truth of AdWords Miracle Guide by  Topcb.com was legitimate product in a prior to […]

A major problem lies within the products Clickbank chooses to sell rather than the company as a whole (although not to say the company is perfect either). They have so many horrible, borderline scam type products within their marketplace that it can be really hard to know which ones you can trust. And because of the nature of a lot of products sold there, many people will demand refunds on inferior products.

If you promote a product on Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist, or any other site, you must follow their terms and conditions as well as ours. We terminate accounts who violate the terms and conditions of other sites to protect our business with those sites.

As with all products sold on the Clickbank Marketplace, your purchase of Download Up Brain It is protected by the standard Clickbank Return Policy which you can view by clicking here. This policy is in place to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisified with your purchase of Up Brain It then you may request a refund in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy which can make your purchase is 100% risk free.

1) This is a Kyle Leon product so you can bet that there is a ton of info here. This may lead to information overload. Do not rush through it. People often want to rush through it and the info in this massive product will leave them overwhelmed. Take your time.

Today ClickBank is still growing and has become a trusted platform permitting producers to sell, affiliates to earn commissions and customers to buy digital products in a secure manner. They have paid out more than $3 billion worldwide and carry out more than 26,000 transactions per day.

Add more an added mobile phone line into your office at home. As a result, you reduce the danger of having other family members (especially children) respond to your telephone. Although your loved ones members might have the best intentions at coronary heart, they can not deal with the main buyer phone call with the level of professionalism and trust that it really requires.

Clickbank is in my opinion a nice turn key solution to any one that is looking for a easy entry into the home based business world. Most of the programs or products available for re-sale are under $100 to purchase and almost always free to become an affiliate.

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This has certainly been an eye-opening experience for me. My number-one takeaway from all this is it doesn’t matter how great your keyword research, copywriting, and sales letter are if the website you’re linking to doesn’t convert. Publisher websites without strong sales copy — especially for tech-heavy products — will fail. As a corollary, if you are a publisher, don’t send your affiliates to your home page!

“what is a clickbank affiliate |clickbank traffic”

Vendors – Clickbank can be a goldmine if you have your own product that you want to submit to the Clickbank marketplace. There are tens of thousands of affiliates browsing the Clickbank marketplace looking for their next product to promote, and make some money with. Benefits to you: You will not have any trouble finding affiliates to promote your product, if you get the word out the affiliates will come like an army promoting your product, and making you money on autopilot. ( A mutually beneficial relationship for both vendors and affiliates ) .

As you mentioned Clickbank is taking some great steps forward with their new vendor compliance polices. So vendors who do not comply by August 31st 2011 should be history. I’m not sure how they are going to find the offending vendors and remove them, but I’m sure they have something in place.

That’s why keep using them. Their money is so expensive compared to PayPal and others but what they do they do well and it saves huge amounts of time. I do feel they are working on clearing out the hype boys.

You are a super star and made it all the way to the end of my review. Please be so kind to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Would love to hear about your experience with ClickBank University or your valuable opinion regarding the program.

In order to prevent scam, check the refund policy of the Clickbank Products. If the product was referred by Clickbank affiliates make sure to double-check otherwise you might buy products that had expired from the Clickbank partnership. I have seen many websites with Clickbank banners and links in their affiliate’s page of the websites.

I really enjoy reading your articles Charlie. I agree with what you said about people always promising you that you can make money so easy, just pay $37 and you will be rich. And then if you try to exit the page and tell you to wait, you can get it discounted for $4.95 shipping cost) it is so bogus. I am really new to online marketing and I really would love to be good at it. Unfortunately I guess I just don’t get it. And I am so tired of the scams out there. I believe that one of these days I will run across something that is true blue and well explained program that I can understand. Anyway, as to click bank, I tried to copy the link and paste to my website, but honestly Charlie ever since I put up my website I have not had one person click on it. I went with the Global Domain, for they offer free websites, and you get a website domain hosting all for $10 a month, you cannot beat that. I just don’t understand how to get traffic to the website. I went with traffic swarm and they claim they will send so many to your website for free, or you can upgrade (that means pay for it) and get more traffic to your site. I emailed them and told them that I have not seen any action with the free traffic I am sure not going to invest money for an upgrade in traffice. I mean come on. Where does one go from here? And how does one do any internet marketing with investing money? I don’t have that kind of money, so I just keep reading and wondering if there will ever be anything I can glean from the articles I read. Again, as for clickbank, I trust it, they have always refunded my money, and believe they have alot, because whenever I would invest, it just turned out to a scam. Oh, and your right I cannot stand when they put up their paychecks online claiming this is what you can make. I can copy and paste a check claiming this is what I make. I really wish they would kick those people off the internet. Anyway, sorry for the letter, I agree with you and thanks again for the article.

Sometimes keyword searches turn up results that don’t fit with your niche. For example, if you search using the term “dog training,” further down the list of results, or depending on how your sort the results, you may end up with other listings that use the term “training” in the description that don’t have anything to do with dogs.

Pretty Nice Article Gael. This is much better than playing the waiting game of 4-6 months for the site to rank in Google. Much faster to test the funnel right away with paid traffic and get leads in your funnel for future marketing as well. These funnels might take time to build but once set they are truly source of passive income unless offer is taken off.

To be clear 😉 first I need to prepare article with a good shareable content and next all your “sales tips”. But I have one question do I need my own blog or site to start selling. I mean can I prepare a good article and post it somewhere else, in other words without my own website ?

BUT, they had become very loose in the IM products they were allowing to be sold through their site. In the last year or so, I have found so much crap on Clickbank relating to IM. Secret Russians, broke pole dancers, drunk gurus, massive passive that will only sell 197 copies… These products are scams and do not deliver anything like they promise and I was becoming a bit disillusioned with Clickbank simply because it allowed this rubbish to dominate its most popular products. Embarrassing for me and Clickbank.

He’s a blogger who writes product reviews and help people on how to make money and avoid scams. He’s either owned any products or work at home networks. If you need any help you can contact via the comment section. He recommends few affiliate programs and you may join if you like- the ball is in your court. Thanks.

This has long been the biggest and best site for natural penis enlargement. No pills, no weights, no pumps. Safe and easy. Only requires minutes a day. It has less than a 2% return rate because it’s that good. If you are looking to add length, width and over all size to your penis than check out Penis Advantage’s natural male enhancement exercise program.

The reason I looked for a review of Click bank university 2.0 is because of the testimonials on the sales page. One is from “Ronnie Biggs” the notorious Great Train Robber. Another is from “Joe Bloggs” an acronym for no one in particular.

Well, as I said in the beginning of the post I have bought Clickbank Products and many out of Clickbank. Yet no matter where I am buying from I’ll go through all the steps to prevent possible scams. Clickbank is the trusted and established marketplace like any other on the web.

Spicyoffers is aware of the difficulties Advertisers can face by dealing with networks, we are Offers Owners too! Our company has many years of dual expertise in both facets of the advertising process. Entrust your offers to Spicyoffers and enjoy:

I am looking to develop a relationship with a few people who sincerely do what they claim; in this case make $200+ per day on ClickBank. If this sounds like you and you don’t mind giving a guy a few pointers on getting started I would be thrilled to hear from you.

“clickbank earn money software _what is my clickbank affiliate link”

I like Clickbank for a lot of reasons but I do have to say they do not check out their vendors or the products nearly enough. As for my opinion on IM vendors I dislike the majority of them because I think OTOs is deceptive selling, very close to bait and switch, and now they have this timer thing which is utterly demeaning, and here is one that really gets me, is that they have a product that they are trying to sell and they present it Friday evening and then you have til’ midnight Sunday night to make a decision. I can’t tell you how many of these IM vendors I have blistered on that alone. I really do not understand or fathom why we have to get an email every single day from an IM vendor. It’s like parents who continually yell at their kids, eventually the kids don’t even hear them, and eventually, at least from my point of view, I just don’t have the time to read everything that is being sent to me, and why?? Because it is overwhelming. I can’t even digest what was sent to me the first day, when I am faced with something the second, third, fourth, fifth day, and suddenly I am overwhelmed and behind, and my computer is overloaded. This is not fun, in fact it is flat out stressful.

I have been dabbling in this type of research for several years now, but have not pulled the trigger on taking any action. I have what you might call, “analysis paralysis”. After your post, I am going to take action and give it a whirl. Thank you for your efforts.

P.P.S. Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find better or more affordable product reviews that will get you sales, and that’s a promise. So order risk-free right now – because you too can be a successful ClickBank affiliate!

While ClickBank is most definitely not a scam, the problem that many people have is that ClickBank doesn’t have any requirements or screening process that stops disreputable companies from using their services.  The ClickBank marketplace is literally open to everyone.

In other words, if you are a vendor you really should not be allowed to show a screenshot of your entire account history and pretend you made that money as an affiliate. I won’t name names but  understand it does happen … a lot.

Thousands of people look to ClickBank as a way of making money. Over 6 million users and merchants create and promote digital products resulting in around 50,000+ transactions each day. There are many ways of making money off CB, First method is Vendors; by selling your product, the Second method is Affiliates; selling someone else’s product.

Without releasing specific product details, can you say what product type (niche wise) sells best for you on ClickBank? I like how easy they make it for affiliates to promote stuff, but most of their sales pages simply aren’t that good. I’m sure there are a few good ones though.

@COLINHVC: You can sign up as a Clickbank affiliate at http://www.affilorama.com/redirect/clickbank-application . A hoplink is just what Clickbank calls an affiliate link. You do not have to have a website to promote Clickbank products, however it is certainly advisable. However if you don’t yet have the money to invest in this, you can use free methods like posting links in forums, blogs and social media sites (like Twitter) – just what ever you do, don’t spam! It’s the quickest way to get banned. My advice to you would be to look at getting a site as soon as possible though – you can get some really cheap hosting options, like Hostgator, which you can see here http://www.affilorama.com/redirect/hostgator or Affilorama Premium also includes web hosting.

Yes, It’s Great to have Traffic, but if you cant convert them to sales, there’s no point. That’s why most people have Great Sales Pages. A Sales page or Landing Page is generally a webpage which contains sales copy or other techniques to get your Traffic to Buy your product. The better your sales page converts, the better your Profits and Earnings will be.

Awesome review, I’ll be checking this out right now. And you’re right, everyone should be using discretion when choosing a product or service to promote. Basically, promote something that you as a buyer would use or want to own etc. Don’t want it? Don’t promote it. Seems simple. Time to dig in! 🙂

Affiliate Funnel Clones by Alan Magliocca Review-All In One Platform Delivers The Goods, From Converting Traffic To Proven Campaigns That Work Over Again Every Time! This is Really Easy and Newbie Friendly!

How To Win A Ex Back / Girlfriend Back – Yourxback is a product being sold on the ClickBank Marketplace by vendor “blitheness”. In this review we will give you further information about How To Win A Ex Back / Girlfriend Back – Yourxback as well as showing you reviews from real-life customers in the comments section to help you make an informed decision when you purchase this product.

You can make sure that your HopLink is working by following it – the bottom of the order form should say that you’re the affiliate, if the link is working correctly. Take a look at the Using HopLinks article for more information.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Due to the fact we thousands of different business-related templates, we are asking ourselves, if it possible to setup clickbank in such a way it adapts the Clickbank presented content to a keyword we give so that it’s matches up with the content on our website. For example, if our page contains a drop shipping agreement template only drop shipping related Clickbank content if presented.

Also, please, don’t post responses with links for me to buy ClickBank products that will supposedly tell me how to make money on ClickBank. I am looking for a person who is making money, not a system that supposedly made money for this one guy, this one time, back in 2009.

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Basically they are premade templates so you do not have to make your own or higher designers to make you a beautiful sales page, upsell or thank you pages. It is a major time saver. No coding skills is required, which is what most people do not enjoy. I certainly don’t!

What happens to an affiliate that has not been able to generate sales over this period does this policy still in effects? So does mean one has to abandon his account to create another simply because of this policy? Dont forget it takes some time to master all the sale advertising methods to make sales as a newbie in this game. Why should we be subjected to these?

people who visited the site but did not opt in > you can use negative audiences for your ads with facebook ads, you just take visitors to the site and substract the people that visited the thank you page. For people who did not purchase, you simply can’t with affiliate marketing unless the vendor adds a conversion pixel of yours on their thank you page.

So I’m slated to move all of my products/services away from Clickbank this month simply because there truly is no benefit for me to stay while the other product which “promises the world” (for only $39) is there.

This is definitely the most comprehensive guide anyone has ever put together for free. I’ve been looking for someone to synthesize a topic like this for a long time, thank you so much for all the handwork you put into this. It shows.

Emperor De Affiliates by Craig Crawford and The Aiwis Interactive Team Review-The First Complete Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step PDF, Video Training Course and Copy Your Way To Making $1000+ In Daily Affiliate Commissions.

I saw a reference to PayDotCom in a thread about affiliate marketplaces over on the Warrior Forum. I have to say, it looks like they’ve taken some of the above to heart…especially the payment complaints I mentioned. As an affiliate, I couldn’t find very much I wanted to sell on PayDotCom — it seems to be mostly filled with junk ebooks. As a publisher, though, I’d be more willing to use it than ClickBank. Ultimately, I find it likely I will either buy or build my own affiliate system for Hardworking Millionaire. If I decide to just sell an ebook or two in the meantime, I will try PayDotCom. Perhaps I will then write another rant about them. Who knows? 😉

At last, someone I feel I can trust putting the “business” into perspective, especially the final paragraph under “Now, the negative”. This activity really drives me mad and prompts instant refunds, which I hate doing.

As an affiliate promoter I have never had a problem receiving payment from clickbank nor resolving any other problems with clickbank. I have had some problems with a few of the clickbank vendors who cheated affiliates out of sales by various methods but that happens anywhere.

An Understanding Of The Seller: The usefulness/reliability of an information product to me often rests on the viability of the author to be presenting the information. I do as much background research if I can, get an interview if at all possible. I want to be able to prove or disprove that the author has any good reason to be selling you the product. Hard evidence is essential here. Plenty of people can spin a story, regardless of niche.

You need to be informed. Selling Clickbank products as an affiliate is not as easy as “finding a high gravity product and placing some ads” in my experience. Yes, that can happen occasionally but there is no formula that guarantees success every time. If there were then everyone would be succeeding, and we know that is not the case.

Clickbank products are one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms in the online industry with a good reputation. All products have a 60-day money back guarantee that makes people more prone to purchase.

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Be extra careful in certain niches. If the product you are looking at buying through CB is in a slightly obscure niche – think DIY wine making, or African dung beetle sculpting – then you are probably going to be purchasing a product that has decent value in terms of content. It is my experience that smaller niches attract honest and ethical vendors who have good experience and passion in a particular niche, and who want to share it with the world. However, big fish niches (Internet marketing, personal development, relationships/dating, and the recently popular survival niche) are choc full of the kind of “scammy” product I described above; crap information, attractively packaged, and then ruthlessly marketed.

Just one question about this, could you please recommend one or more of those programs (“there are hundreds of other programs that covers affiliate marketing in much more detail for the same cost or even less”)?

Good news, this is not the only way to make money, this is only the best way to get scammed. Millions of people are working hard the legitimate way and earning money on a daily basis, some even get rich doing it.

ClickBank pays some of the highest commissions out there because we know that quality marketing is worth paying for. We work with our product creators to set the most competitive commissions possible, up to 75%.

Beyond the annoyance vendors and affiliates face at seeing refunds in their accounts, there is another, darker side to these refunds. Serial refunding is most prevalent in the Internet marketing niche. There are people out there

“clickbank refund status +que es clickbank”

Big commissions. One product I promote through CB earns me over $250 USD per conversion. I would need . The vast majority of offers available will earn you $20 USD plus. This means you don’t have to sell a lot to make a nice side income (if you live in a country with a weak currency relative to the US dollar, then a couple of sales a day could equal a big annual income). There are also many recurring offers available, which means you can earn each month from the same sale until the customer cancels their rebill. Most vendors offer either a 50% or 75% conversion rate – EPIC!

If you are indeed looking for a money-making opportunity, that is simple and will help you sustain a great life, you have to check out the amazing earning potential that Clickbank products can offer you. The earning potential with Clickbank products is virtually limitless. Just imagine, 50 – 75 percent as commission on sales to all affiliates – Isn’t that amazing?

Visit the sales page of the product to confirm that the sales copy does a good job of selling the product but even more important that your chances of making a sale are not reduced by the following factors

This is where CBENGINE comes in. We are the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web. Our Pro Membership service is guaranteed to help you become a successful ClickBank affiliate. Simply put, CBengine is a tool designed to help you make money using ClickBank. See Features

I’m brand new to affiliate marketing (already joined WA) and I’m curious… If the one thing that affiliate network programs have is the headaches involved with dealing with them, is it possibly a better idea to deal with individual vendor’s affiliate programs? I’m not even sure such a beast exists. Just thought I’d ask.

Don’t be Frustrated Guys!! Our legit review team strongly respect to your valuable money. We Offer you such a program that really working very well. It’s working for us and definitely works for you. And we can prove that, our recommendation is better than any other method in the marketplace!!

CBU does teach the basics about selling other CLICKBANK products, but that information is not worth the price tag because there are hundreds of other programs that covers affiliate marketing in much more detail for the same cost or even less. So yes, CBU is more geared towards those who wants to create their own products and sell them on ClickBank.

Well you don’t have to rule it out entirely… if you are in a niche where you promote digital products, Clickbank isn’t necessarily a bad option. It really just depends. It’s always good to do our research beforehand, Shareasale is a good network too!

If you think, product is useful then don’t go for the refund but if the product is useless, then you can utilize its refund policy. You just need to forward the order email to [email protected] & you are done. With in 2 days, you will receive the email from Clickbank for your refund.

Happily married for 43 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 15 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

When you select a product that you want to promote all you have to do is click the “promote” button and this will generate a link that contains your referral tracking URL. You will use this link to promote the product and receive a commission from the sale if someone purchases the product or subscribes to the service.

Very informative post. I am new to affiliate marketing and i have no knowledge. But it is hard to find a suitable one. This tutorial post really help new beginners and bloggers to choose a suitable one.

I’m not advocating against using clickbank, just hoping to spread the word to potential users that it can be as much a nightmare as paypal has a reputation for being (inexplicably frozen assets, unreachable and unsympathetic customer service, etc.)

But …………….. heaven forbid, if that same person bought a product on-line – say through ClickBank and it wasn’t to their liking then they run around yelling they were scammed. In my opinion, those people need to check their reality meter.

The affiliate commission is given after ClickBank takes its portion. So, if an initial sale is $1, you won’t receive a commission, because ClickBank’s portion is 7.5% plus $1. You would receive a commission on any initial or recurring payment that was larger than that, though.

If you find that you’re getting too many irrelevant results, you can make your search more specific or eliminate keywords that don’t fit your niche. You can do so by adding certain criteria to your search, such as:

This offer has the best conversions we’ve ever seen from a weight loss offer and works well with PPC, Email Blasts, and other marketing methods. Plus, once you send at least one sale you can send them an email and they bump your commission to 90%! If you want to make money with Clickbank, promote this offer!

You are a super star and made it all the way to the end of my review. Please be so kind to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Would love to hear about your experience with ClickBank University or your valuable opinion regarding the program.

My experience has not been as satisfying as some of your respondents. I have been trying to get a refund from Clickbank for over a month. The product had a clear 30 refund policy and I was well within the refund deadline. I have sent Clickbank three emails but have not received a refund. I feel cheated.

Great suggestion Geal! I think this is a great point on traffic. Even though I have lots of traffic, I think I am only spending more money on hosting instead of earning more money. I am now re-structuring my overall strategy after re-thinking my traffic strategy.

I’m being charged a fee for not having sales during the time that they erroneously removed my account. And I can’t even talk to a real person about it. I can’t even weasel my way in for another department. I pushed every number for every option, and each one has the same woman’s voice saying, “I’m sorry, ____ support is not currently available”

Income verification also offers clickbank a fall back position if a company or a product needs to be removed for false advertising. Basic standards and ethics rules could be applied to all parties as well as some manner of dispute resolution process.

The Marketplace is an organized directory of over 10,000 of ClickBank’s most popular products. These are listed in order of popularity across a number of categories. The benefits of the Marketplace are

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The ​process is fairly simple and after a bit of optimization you’ll be able to let it run as people get out of your retargeting list after a bit. I cover setting up these campaigns in my upcoming training product (Double your leads).

Recently, I’ve added a ClickBank-based affiliate product to my website. As most people who have a website, I don’t want an affiliate product to leave a bad impression of my website so I spent a lot of time researching the product to see if the product was up to a satisfactory level of quality for the website. My experience with ClickBank, so far, has been. Thanks for pointing out the payment concerns… What does ClickBank consider to be “2 different forms of payment”?

Avg Rebill Total – This number will be shown if the Vendor offers recurring billing. Products like subscriptions or memberships that bill customers every month will show up under this statistic. This does not include the initial sale amount.

Recurring Billing: This is also important feature of this product. This feature gives vendors the ability to sell their products at an initial price and then setup rebill price for each product and payment for the duration of a rebill product. Creating recurring bills products gives vendors a huge revenue with regular intervals.

Very useful article. I don’t like a lot of the hype found on Click bank either. And your example of only promoting products that you can actually endorse and that support your site’s integrity is solid.

Exercise your right to a refund within 60 days. If you pay for a product and think its crap, then don’t sit there and sulk. Provided you take action within 60 days of the purchase date, you will get your money refunded to your credit card or Paypal. In the first instance you should always contact the merchant directly and ask for assistance. If that doesn’t get you any progress quickly, then the threat of a chargeback should get their wheels spinning. If they are still evasive about giving you a refund at this point, then feel free to elevate your complaint to Clickbank support directly and they will get your coin bacl.

Don’t Forget – The hardest part in Making Money Online is… Finishing. I bet you thought I would say Starting but it’s not true. Jumping in, thinking you’re going to make money is easy, but finding out you actually have to work to Earn Big Monthly Paycheques ($10,000 to $50,000+) From ClickBank. Its important you understand that online or offline, A Business is a Business. Work is involved, But if you learn from your mistakes, You will Definitely Succeed.

Buying Clickbank products is not an easy job even for an experienced internet marketers. Clickbank marketplace is one of the top ranked digital marketplaces the entire planet which has literally thousands of products in it. At the same time, it has some weakness inherently to it.

They have a few millionaires that have made it big on clickbank to make 100,000 people millionaires in the next year through this CBU. Adam and Justin are the 2 main instructors and they cover everything. Not cheap but worth every penny. It not only teaches but provides all the main tools you need that you would otherwise have to buy and comes out costing less in the long run. I love Clickbank but you are right, they don’t get rid of those scammers fast enough.

After Reviewing 250+ products I found that the product is an indicator of the quality off the upsells. From that point of view, I can say ClickBank Cash Machines 2.0 at least don’t worth the time and the prices.

If you have ever considered buying a product sold through Clickbank, you have probably noticed that it can be tough to find  legitimate Clickbank reviews.  I’ve found a way to make it a little bit easier.

As with all products sold on the Clickbank Marketplace, your purchase of Download Diabetes Loophole Spanish Version is protected by the standard Clickbank Return Policy which you can view by clicking here. This policy is in place to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisified with your purchase of Diabetes Loophole Spanish Version then you may request a refund in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy which can make your purchase is 100% risk free.

Although there are a bunch of junk for sale through Clickbank, I like them a lot! It’s good to know that they are changing their policy to extinguish all the hype. I can’t wait to for CB to send me my $380 that has been sitting in limbo because of the accounting policy they have in place! Great article, btw!

In this review for Top Clickbank Product Reviews PLR,  you’ll learn how to get your hands on brand new, unique, high quality PLR product reviews for the top 15 products in Clickbank and how you can earn amazing commissions using these reviews.

Clickbank provides a market place where buyers and sellers can meet and deal in an atmosphere that is regulated by CB. I am prepared to purchase a product from an unknown (to me) source because I know that if the deal goes sour, or is not as promised, then Clickbank will be the arbitrater. This way I benefit and so does the seller as I take a protected risk and the seller gets paid as well. I cant see how this is a scam. the scam is the rogues in the marketplace who promise the earth and deliver rubbish. They cant hide from clickbank!

I got started online 3 years ago and back then there were actually COURSES that one could buy to get the ball rolling. I started with Joel Comm’s program and it was a monthly continuity program and I got a new module once/week for 5 months. The course was amazing! I have very knowledgeable in the affiliate/internet marketing field all because of Joel Comm. Today, you never see a new product like this. Something that teaches you, instructs you, educates you. It’s all push button garbage.

75% commission usually comes with some downside: that the products are not as good and tight as the bigger names, that the conversion needs not to be well. However, given that ClickBank is the one of the biggest out there, I guess it’s easy to underestimate its potential for someone looking to kick start as affiliate marketers.

When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.