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The main issue *I* have seen is with Clickbank itself (not the educational university program): Many offers that are in Clickbank’s list of affiliates can be considered ‘scams’: They are either outdated, old, a real scam, misleading etc. Clickbank does little to get rid of the ‘foul players’.

CBEngine provides help to recognize what sells and what to avoid through their featured modules such as their ClickBank search tool. The commission calculator figures the split between vendor and affiliate. The vendor order page sales link generator is another useful feature.

I am having similar issue. My account was being flag as fraud without me knowing and i was only using it for 3 months. There is not notification saying that they have suspended my account due to fraudulent. May i know what was your next step ? did you logged a complain?how does this work?i really need help. all my hard earn money gone based on an accusation.

Funny you should say that – mid-2007 is roughly the time I first got into affiliate marketing with Clickbank as my primary network. I used to come home from school, fire up my old iMac (remember the cool one that looked like half a basketball an articulating arm on it) and get to work writing dozens of “article directory” articles with long tail keywords and affiliate links.

Well, it my first time to hear clickbank after I started this kind of affiliate links business because I need to learn more and hear some opinions from other people who already have started this business and strategies in order to broaden my knowledge,

Email from Liberty News (No such company) with fake product add: This company whom I thought was one of the one’s I subscribe to because of the word “Liberty” was not one of them but spam. They have a product. They either are part of the scam with or “The Scammer”. It is for hair loss reversal but the main point for me was it is supposedly linked to a man’s prostate gland. I did my due diligence to find anything relating to this with use of the words scam or fraud by the authors or company and Google just linked it right back to the company’s bogus claims.

If you’re into bodybuilding and you have gained quite a bit of muscle and at the same time gained some fat (which is perfectly normal), you may wish to burn off the unnecessary fat to look more ripped. Then, this program is definitely for you. It was made for you.

Finding someone’s real opinion becomes even more difficult.  By the way, the same thing goes for the word “scam” being added on to the end of a product name.  I’m sure if you check, there are plenty of review sites ending in that little four letter word.  I was looking at Google and noticed that Clickbank Scam was pretty heavily researched.

One thing many merchants love about putting product out on the Clickbank market is they really don’t have to recruit affiliates to sell the product.  Clickbank has some 150,000 affiliates scanning the product listings … [Read more…]

A Point By Point Analysis Of All Claims/Promises: This is where the meat of a product review comes from for me, and it is why mine tend to be on the longer side. You made a promise in your sales copy? Let’s see if it holds up to actual testing. I must back up the proven/disproven theory with hard evidence. This makes the review creation process more time consuming; but reporting with accuracy is going to win more in the long run than bull******* the potential customer.

By the way, now when I am going to buy a Clickbank product, I never click on the “Buy” button on the first page.  I always try to close the sales page.  This usually brings up one of those “stay here” option buttons.  I’ve found that most of the offers I was ever interested in will come back with an offer to save at least fifteen or twenty dollars off of the original price.

I stupidly ordered their book “The Lost Ways”. I wanted it in actual book form and paid extra for that. I ended up with a downloadable version which I didn’t want. I don’t have a good enough ISP to download something like that. I keep losing my connection when I try but I chalked it up to experience and let it go. Then today I noticed a 14.95 charge that I knew I hadn’t made. I got to checking and they have been charging me 14.95 a month for 8 months since I bought their dumb book. I don’t know why because I paid all charges, $49 and change up front. Luckily I used an credit card company that will go to bat for me if they don’t make things right.

I am going to cover CB from three different angles in this review, so it won’t be in exactly the same format that most of my other reviews are in. Instead, I will answer some common questions about the platform, and then look at its value from the perspective of:

It can all be so overwhelming. There are so many different ways to get traffic, build sites, and pick products to promote (these are the three components of any affiliate marketing effort). In addition, some of these traffic and site building options can be expensive and highly technical, requiring a lot of training and expertise.

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