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If you have ever considered buying a product sold through Clickbank, you have probably noticed that it can be tough to find  legitimate Clickbank reviews.  I’ve found a way to make it a little bit easier.

Anyone can register – You are not required to have a record of accomplishment or a website to be accepted. The registration only takes a few minutes. The easy registration process makes Clickbank the first choice for new marketers.

While I’ve not been working with Click Bank in any length of time, I have heard, wonderful things about them, myself. I hear they pay on time, and do a great job, too. I also know from personal experiences, they also help with Refunds. SO I’d have to say NO, I do not think that they are a Scam at all.

I have never been an affiliate on Clickbank but we have 2 products, both with upsells, on Clickbank right now. As a matter of fact I had to make a couple of changes to some text on one of the sales pages to make Clickbank happy the other day. They were concerned not about what I said but how someone MIGHT take it. It was an easy fix and it made everything perfectly clear to anyone viewing the sales page. Since we had nothing to hide I had no problem making the change.

CBEngine even provides a well discounted hosting plan through a highly respected hosting company. It also helps you put together campaigns with ClickBank Ads and Ad Builder, add and RSS feeds, referrals, and so much more.

There are a lot of fake advertisers out there who creates eBooks and dump in the Clickbank marketplace in the form of Clickbank Products. After you purchased you’ll realize that the same eBooks can be bought or downloaded free online. At the same time, not all eBooks can be categorized as fake ones. You must use your knowledge here.

I agree with many of the comments that say Clickbank should ban vendors with high refund rates. However, I also want to commend clickbank for refunding those customers that truly were misled or ripped off by those vendors. As a consumer that just received my refund for a digital product I never received I am very thankful clickbank has the policies in place that they do.

I agree, only ones that get rich quick, are the scammers. So many people that desire quick money without working too hard. Actually, common sense, if indeed it was possible to earn millions by just clicking a few buttons, we would’ve had no one left to do actual jobs because everyone would sit on a beach somewhere just clicking a few buttons each day.

Something that is important for the customers of Clickbank products is having the ability to feel safe purchasing any product knowing you can always get your money back if it ends up being not what you were expecting.

CBU does teach the basics about selling other CLICKBANK products, but that information is not worth the price tag because there are hundreds of other programs that covers affiliate marketing in much more detail for the same cost or even less. So yes, CBU is more geared towards those who wants to create their own products and sell them on ClickBank.

The affiliate commission is given after ClickBank takes its portion. So, if an initial sale is $1, you won’t receive a commission, because ClickBank’s portion is 7.5% plus $1. You would receive a commission on any initial or recurring payment that was larger than that, though.

If you have already purchased The Faithful Diet then please take a moment to leave a short review in the comments section below. Your feedback on this product will be invaluable for other visitors to this website who may be considering buying The Faithful Diet.

So anyway, I got tired of dealing with the bogus reviews.  My very simple “trick” for finding real reviews is simply to type “forum” and then the name of the product I’m interested in learning about.  It may seem simple, but it works for me a lot of the time.

For any resolving any problems, Clickbank’s customer support can be contacted via phone, Mondays to Fridays, from 7:00AM – 6:00PM MST. Their support page also provides links where you can check order status, get assistance with a download, or submit a refund request. You can also fill up an online form in order to get technical support. Finally, they also have an incredibly comprehensive Knowledgebase where you can learn all about Vendors, Affiliates, Account and more.

I don’t consider clickbank to be a scam company but like you I believe they have been too lax in what they allowed to be sold there. It has been years since I sold anything personally at clickbank but I do promote so the products listed there.

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Don’t give up just by reading out blog reviews from the first page itself. You must dig out as long as the search term takes you through. Even if the search results takes you up to 10 pages. Yeah, it is better to visit all important Clickbank product reviews before you visit Clickbank or affiliate link to buy Clickbank products.

Thanks! I have a few products mixed into my blog posts, and will be adding more. I have found CB to be a mixed bag so far – but need more time to see how it pans out. Also wondering about setting up more sites to follow the funnel you set up. I was pleased to hear you mention having 3 follow ups in the responder sequence. Someone else had suggested 10! I figured by 4 or 5 you lost them anyway.

This offer has the best conversions we’ve ever seen from a weight loss offer and works well with PPC, Email Blasts, and other marketing methods. Plus, once you send at least one sale you can send them an email and they bump your commission to 90%! If you want to make money with Clickbank, promote this offer!

As an Affiliate whom has both earned 1099s from Click Bank and been ripped off by senseless rules that hold back payment of commissions EARNED, lost accounts due to FEE’s eating up my earning, and opened new ones. I can understand the word SCAM being appied to them.

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    I have tried to order at least ten orders but the ClickBank keeps asking for me to use another card. I have complied but the bank won’t even accept another card. I contacted them via phone but the bank refused to remedy my problem. I want the vendor to be aware that they are losing customers.
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