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Nice review Wendy. I have been researching CB myself and until reading your post was unaware of these “dormant fees”. I also found that their marketplace had a lot of useless products. Good job on clarifying the features of CB and pointing out where it is lacking. As you’ve pointed out, it isn’t a scam, but I don’t believe it has great value.

that’s the key to success, i know a friend who developped a simple ebook for a specific exotic animal and made 92K$ on his first year, because it was just the only info products available for this niche

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Happily, Clickbank is moving in the right direction in my view. They have recently released a number of updates to their terms of service that will dramatically impact the false scarcity and outright deception that we all (including Clickbank) dislike.

Awesome review, I’ll be checking this out right now. And you’re right, everyone should be using discretion when choosing a product or service to promote. Basically, promote something that you as a buyer would use or want to own etc. Don’t want it? Don’t promote it. Seems simple. Time to dig in! 🙂

ClickBank (ClickBank.com) is a digital marketplace for products that you can purchase online.  ClickBank is probably the most popular resource for online vendors who are looking for a venue to market and sell their product, as well as affiliates who are looking for new products to promote.

At the end of this step, you’ll have 10 lists. Some of these lists may be empty, as it’s possible that there won’t be any keywords that meet our criteria.  We’re being very careful about selecting only the ones that will work for us, so have patience and don’t get discouraged.

Sometime, Setting up a sales page and producing your course takes a lot of hard work and energy. Some people like doing that, but others skip that process and promote already made products. When they make a sale, a percentage of the sale goes to you. After you sign up for CB, you can go to the marketplace and sort through all the products by category, popularity, sales page conversion, payout etc. The way of screening products is by going onto its sales page and looking around. Put yourself in the customers shoes and imagine whether or not you would buy it.

I personally know Clickbank very well since I have used them in my affiliate marketing campaigns since 2006. It works like this: Find a high quality product to promote, grab your affiliate link for that particular product, and start promoting it with your blog if you have one, through social networking sites, article marketing, classifieds, forums, ppc, press releases, seo, as well as many more internet marketing tactics to get your product in front of the right people so you can successfully sell them.

CBEngine, found at cbengine.com, offers tools for locating lucrative product niches in the Clickbank marketplace to help you make more money with less effort. CBEngine is considered the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web for niche marketing.

The EDIYA System shows you step-by step how to make important parts, assemble the tank, tubing, pump, and growing tray. It also includes everything you will need to get started, and what you will need to do to maintain the system.

If you’re trying to place the review on the front page of google then I would suggest going that extra mile. Every product review I’ve done I’ve ranked number 1 because all the other reviews tend to be around 600 words. No meat involved with the review.

I’m just starting at Clickbank, so I’m a total newbie, but if I want to follow this strategy can I do it promoting just one product, for example, Category>Health & Fitness —> X product. Then, should i start a blog or something like that where i can talk about things related to the product subject? if so, do i have to start making entries about this recurrently? or I can opt for just making an article with a free ebook in exchange to user’s e-mails and follow the process?

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One thing many merchants love about putting product out on the Clickbank market is they really don’t have to recruit affiliates to sell the product.  Clickbank has some 150,000 affiliates scanning the product listings … [Read more…]

Hmm.. honestly I don’t know because every affiliate program I’ve ever joined has been through an affiliate network of some type. But now that I think about it, I guess you could consider a network like Amazon because that is pretty much its own affiliate entity. Not to say that others don’t exist, but they usually are within a network. I have never really had a particularly hard time dealing with affiliate programs in general. Clickbank has its issues but if you are promoting digital products it is one of the better options.

Scott Tousignant of www.socialmediaprofitcoach.com climbed out of the depths of bankruptcy and grew his online business by harnessing the power of social media. Connect with Scott by following him at www.Twitter.com/FatLossQuickie

Clickbank is one of the world’s largest online retailer that primarily sells digital content. It currently boasts over 6 million products that you can promote in your blog or website, which include e-books, software, and subscription-based products. Whether your blog is about arts & entertainment, business, computers, cooking, ecommerce, education, games, health & fitness, parenting, politics, or even self-help, you can be sure to find the right products to plug into your website.

Personally I recommend setting up affiliate links in the original un-cloaked format. This is just personal preference, but it is way easier to troubleshoot any problems if you can see what the code actually is!

Those work from home online opportunities you’ll see most of them are scams. They make big promises and big claims with some fake payment proofs attached to it. In this case, you’ve to do a complete virus check up by scanning online reviews. If you failed to do so you’ll be wandering here and there helplessly. Please keep in mind, online job offers are many in Clickbank marketplace. You must use your diligence to differentiate which is good Clickbank Products and which are fraud Clickbank Products.

Reaching out to vendors is also a good idea because they may be willing to offer extra benefits or perks such as sales bonuses, customized affiliate links, custom landing pages, or any number of other benefits. You’ll never know if you don’t try! The worst that can happen is they don’t respond, in which case it can be a signal that you may not want to promote their products anyway.

a) Go to the clickbank marketplace via this link >> https://accounts.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm. Select a category that is related to your niche on the left hand panel. For instance if you are in the make money online niche, select the “E-business and E-marketing category”

In this case we are mostly talking about capturing emails and linking to the offer from the email but you could be linking in content too. Essentially, you need free content and your own site to attract people and then capture emails and then promote offers.

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These sales tactics are powerful and work but you have to have ethics when using​ them. Remember, we want to sell MANY things to our prospects so the first product better deliver! Really helping people makes you more money.

ClickBank offers all their customers a guaranteed, no questions asked refund within 60 days of purchasing a product.  This guarantee is incredibly important to consumers.  When purchasing a product from a company you’ve never dealt with before, seeing the ClickBank logo lets you know that if you encounter any problems with your program or service, you can get your refund from ClickBank with no hassle.

There’s been many complaints filed with the BBB and posted on Consumer Affairs in regards to non-honored refunds, so all I can say is be very careful with paying attention to the exact policy for the particular product, and make sure you ask for a refund as quickly as possible within the allotted refund window.

Clickbank will not check the product quality. If an advertiser wants to promote creating a website by dumping something in it yeah they can. To be very honest, you can also be a part of Clickbank advertiser if you have a site and have products. Even BBB does not do a quality check up on product services or the quality for that matter.

Now before you can finish you need to figure out how much you are going to pay your affiliates in commissions for each sale. You can set the commission percentage or dollar amount any way you see fit, but remember if you are too cheap with your commissions nobody will promote your product. The other side of that coin is that you don’t want to give away the farm to affiliates either, you need to make money on your product as well. When people have asked me how to increase sell on ClickBank in the past I advised them to use a commission rate around 50-75% for each sale.

Thomas Murphy’s review is spot on. Stay clear. One sign is that BEFORE you sign up there is no way to see what charges they have. Another warning sign is the incredibly aggressive selling pitch video they make you watch when you looking at signing up…

I’m being charged a fee for not having sales during the time that they erroneously removed my account. And I can’t even talk to a real person about it. I can’t even weasel my way in for another department. I pushed every number for every option, and each one has the same woman’s voice saying, “I’m sorry, ____ support is not currently available”

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  1. This is my first visit to Affilorama; and I have to say it looks quite promising. I am just taking up affiliate marketing; and , naturally, I have alot of questions. I am already seeing that many are answered right here, either throught training lessons or user forum.
    Many people also buy themselves a copy through their own affiliate link.  The online consensus seems to be that Clickbank is OK with this, but if you are going to do that, I’d double check with a Clickbank representative.  (If you do that, please leave a comment with the response you received.)  I’m interested, but I don’t have an official response to share at the moment.  Maybe I’ll send an email after I post this.
    This isn’t your average affiliate network. They focus on digital products created by entrepreneurs from all over the world. Unlike other affiliate networks which draw in large companies, ClickBank is a place for the little guys to work together to earn money.

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