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In any marketplace finding the price to ask for your product or service that appeals to customers but doesn’t cut you out of profits is a tough balancing act to pull off. Pricing at what you think you deserve for your work may suit … [Read more…]

Since 2002, we have provided a service to sell downloadable items such as software, ebooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, crafts, templates, files, and anything else that can be downloaded. Our automated service delivers your products to your customers instantly after payment. Customers pay you directly into your own PayPal account, no waiting for deposits or transfers- get paid instantly! Sign up now.

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When you select a category or subcategory, or run a search, the filters sidebar is displayed. The Filters sidebar has the following options, which you can use to filter the list of displayed accounts:

Great article! I agree with your opinion 100%. I hear way too many people using scam instead of dissatisfied. If they bought something from a store off-line and they were dissatisfied that’s what they would say. If you order a meal from a restaurant and it wasn’t exactly the way you liked it you would not say you just got scammed.

Keynetics, Inc. charged my paypal account a total of $494.99 from 4/27/14 to 7/24/14 and I have not received a single thing from them. There is nothing showing what I purchased, no receipt to show what I purchased. (probably because I didn’t purchase anything) The sad about it, I just noticed it on my paypal account. This is now 1/27/15 and I’m not sure if I can do anything about it since so much time has passed. I will have to contact paypal and ask what I can do about this, if anything.

If you are a Clickbank Affiliate Marketer struggling to write good product reviews, then this PLR package is perfect for you.  All the research and writing has been done.  It doesn’t get easier or faster than this. Use these PLR reviews of the Top Selling ClickBank products on your blogs, videos and various sites to pre-sell your readers. These are reviews of proven bestsellers. All you need to do is “copy and paste” Sounds good?

Your getting access to a Step-By-Step Guide that well allow you to leverage the proven strategy that can realistically allow you to Dominate all your competition, and become a top rep. in any company that you promote.

As someone who uses click bank for my own personal affiliate marketing, I really enjoyed your post about click bank. Your review was very unbiased and very thorough. I loved that you added the good versus the bad and also showed what you are getting when you sign up for click bank. It will make me double check my purchases from click bank from now on!

When you select a product that you want to promote all you have to do is click the “promote” button and this will generate a link that contains your referral tracking URL. You will use this link to promote the product and receive a commission from the sale if someone purchases the product or subscribes to the service.

1) Locked Content – They will lock out some content for you as they believe that it will prevent users from information overload. While this might be good for a newbie, it is quite a turn off for intermediate and advanced marketers.

If you’re just starting out as an affiliate, it can be hard to know what you need to do to be successful. Just as importantly, there are a number of things you shouldn’t do as well! This guide will talk about both, so you can avoid many of the mistakes that make life harder for many beginners.

My purchase arrived in the time stated but was defective. So I sent a email about my problem they told me sorry “We are not the manufacturer. You can contact the manufacturer directly and let them know and they will be more than happy to help you out.” So much for customer service??? Glad all retailers don’t have that attitude because they wouldn’t be in business very long… Customer service is a word they must not know. So if your purchase is not defective you should be happy. If not roll the dice and see what happens. I cannot recommend Clickbank.

The ClickBank Marketplace contains thousands of products including ebooks, computer software, membership programs, entertainment, games and more – all products are delivered digitally over the web. ClickBank’s more than 100,000 affiliates promote these products every day and earn money from affiliate commissions.

I really like ClickBank and I think it’s a fantastic place for new affiliate marketers to get started without the hassle of more advanced affiliate networks. There’s no cap, you don’t need to be approved for 90% of the offers and you can start selling straight away.

Clickbank does not have a lot of products in my niche (offgrid living) but I do promote 2 of their products. When the checks are due, they arrive like clockwork. I too do not like the idea of them charging me for not making sales for a couple months, after all, they have the free use of my money until it is due.

The Spanish market is a totally untapped opportunity! There are opportunities to do very cheap media buys and advertising in the Spanish market that can make you a lot of money. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you need to consider promoting this.

Clinkbank University promised to refund my money if I was not satisfied with the program. THEY LIED! Not only did they refused to refund my money, they made an unauthorized payment on my credit card. Clinkbank bank misrepresented their product. They took money under false pretenses, which now becomes criminal! To me it is a form of internet fraud. I will be seeking both CIVIL AND CRIMINAL action against them.

I feel another concern is that so many people who start off in this business are simply not organized well enough to deal with the information overload that comes with the excitement of working your own business.

CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank is not affiliated in any way with CBProAds and use of “ClickBank” does not constitute an endorsement of CBProAds or any of the contents of this page. Sales made by CBProAds are the sole responsibility of CBProAds and not ClickBank.

Would be better to learn website development, prior to anything else Bill. Your own website will enable you to do many things and it will be your “online space” where people can find you or your ideas.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about clickbank, Charlie,. and thank you for taking the trouble and time to publish them. I have dipped into clickbank on a number of occasions but have never bought anything. The last time was when an author withdrew her magnificent e-book on article writing because it needed updating and I went to clickbank to find a replacement. I was horrified at the rubbish which clickbank was selling about article writing. My old Mum used to say, “Tell me your company and I’ll tell you what you are.” Customers walk past a shop which sells rubbish, Clickbank needs to tighten up a lot and do it fast before customers start walking past. I’m with you Charlie. Clickbank has many good things to recommend it. I don’t want to see it decline..

One of the best parts of being an affiliate for ClickBank is that it’s so easy to get started because there are thousands of unique products to promote. Once you have a ClickBank account, go to the Marketplace and browse it to find products that you have an interest in and/or that you or someone you know would buy.

ClickBank provides vendors with tools that allow them to tell affiliates about their products. These include images, keywords, reviews and testimonials, as well as any product guide or FAQ documentation. By providing such data, they are giving enough information to affiliates to attract them and convince them to promote their offerings.

@Paylpal: This is often one of the biggest criticisms of Clickbank – that they don’t have Paypal, however the trouble with Paypal is that they take a no-insignificant chunk of the transfer – to ensure you got the full amount, Clickbank would have to absorb these fees, or you would miss out on some commissions. Remember they do provide wire transfer to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore,Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

i am 22 years old and new to clickback, it is something i want to take seriously. however, i cant seem to get it any right. trust me i have done research however im lost as to what i am doing wrong. if there is anyone who will be nice enough to help me or mentor me i would be very grateful. you can email me for for my skype or account information

An excellent place to get started is usually to locate a website which you pay a visit to frequently, and study the layout and design. Do not copy the style, but use it as inspiration as you craft your site identity.

One highly effective method most of them use is creating informative reviews with a slight slant that favors the products. The reader’s curiosity is piqued and they’ll click on the affiliate link to learn more. The product’s sales page will then CONVERT them into BUYERS which means $$$ for you.

In her down-to-earth, sincere and humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the ‘Net. In 236 pages, and more than 68,000 words, you’ll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. To learn exactly how she does it, click here.

If you already have an affiliate account you’ll remember that it is free to sign up as an affiliate, but as a publisher ClickBank does charge you a one-time fee of $49.95. While I know most people look to avoid fees wherever possible this is just a cost of doing business and there really is no way around it. In the grand scheme of things, being able to promote your product on ClickBank with its Millions of Affiliates, $49.95 and $1 + 7.5% from each sale is just a drop in the bucket.

With that being said! This is going to be an honest Clickbank review about what I like about the Clickbank marketplace? And what I do not like about Clickbank? As well as some other facts about Clickbank you may have not been aware of, so keep reading……

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I am going to cover CB from three different angles in this review, so it won’t be in exactly the same format that most of my other reviews are in. Instead, I will answer some common questions about the platform, and then look at its value from the perspective of:

ClickBank Marketplace contains thousands of great ebooks, software, and how-to manuals and it is frequenty difficult to find the product that you are interested in personally or as an affilaite. The form on this page allows you to find ClickBank products using the provided by you search criterias.

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