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That’s why keep using them. Their money is so expensive compared to PayPal and others but what they do they do well and it saves huge amounts of time. I do feel they are working on clearing out the hype boys.

Top ClickBank Product Reviews 2018 PLR by Arun Chandran reviewed: Auto Lotto Processor, Back to Life, 15 Minutes Manifestation, Paleohacks Cookbooks, Cryptocurrency Codex, The Read Tea Detox, Fat Burning Kitchen and many more! You will also get: Easy Affiliate Links List. I’ve included this to make your life even easier. You will receive a PDF file with a list of links that will take you straight to the product’s affiliate hoplink generator. Just enter your account nickname and generate your hoplink. It only takes seconds! Clickbank Cash Cow Secrets. This powerful guide will provide you with everything you need to know how to be a successful affiliate marketer and achieve your goal of generating a full time online income with ClickBank. It contains valuable tips on being a better marketer by walking you step by step, through the exact process that has helped many successful marketers rake in the commissions on ClickBank! With this PLR you can: Use it as content for your site or blog. Convert the articles into audios or videos. Edit them, take them apart, add to, etc. Flip a domain which contains this PLR content. Translate them into other languages to tap into foreign markets. Create an ebook with the content to sell or giveaway. Use as autoresponder content. Claim full authorship and whatever other ideas you have.

There are a number of reasons not to spam other people with affiliate promotions. ClickBank takes complaints of spamming very seriously, and we will suspend or terminate accounts if we determine that they are associated with spamming. Additionally, many websites, social networks, forums, blogs, and Internet Service Providers take reporting of spamming seriously, so you can quickly find yourself banned from popular places to promote products if your promotions are considered to be spam and are reported by others.

I have to admit, I haven’t been impressed by the products I’ve seen at ClickBank. The company itself seems OK; I can’t speak about payments since I’ve never managed to sell anything from them (even though I’ve tried). They *have* been good about processing refunds for me, most recently when I didn’t receive a response from the merchant after three email attempts. But I haven’t found any products there that I’d want to promote, for lots of reasons: almost everything is an ebook, a lot of sales pages are poorly done (some don’t even have prices!), some product ideas are just ridiculous, many products are way overpriced (maybe to support those huge commissions), and the site seems to be dominated by internet marketing products (which is not an area I, as a newbie, want to venture into). And then there are merchants like the one I just mentioned. I realize these things aren’t CB’s fault. But it is frustrating. I think CB would be easy to work with. I just wish I could find something I thought was worth promoting there, that *isn’t* an IM product.

In summary, Clickbank is a great network, with a simple and easy to use system, easy sign up and good support. While there are a few things that could be improved, overall Clickbank is a really accessible network that should be perfect for people first getting started in affiliate marketing.

Whereas once upon a time you would have to sort out your own payment processor and secure download facility when trying to sell your product online, you can instead use Clickbank’s platform to allow you to provide a secure gateway for customers, collect payment, and ensure speedy and accurate delivery of your product.

CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank is not affiliated in any way with CBProAds and use of “ClickBank” does not constitute an endorsement of CBProAds or any of the contents of this page. Sales made by CBProAds are the sole responsibility of CBProAds and not ClickBank.

Easy to Sign Up and Promote: – One of the most appealing aspects of Clickbank is the fact that those who are interested in joining up and becoming an affiliate do not have to go through a pre-approval process like most networks. This affiliate marketing network allows virtually anyone to sign up. Furthermore, merchants do not have any say who markets their products, enabling just about anyone to promote any offer that they want to.

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You’d need to check the refund policy of the specific product. With most products on Clickbank you aren’t physically returning it anyway since it’s often times some type of digital download, you just simply get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. I would think even with a spiritual service it would be similar, they’d offer refunds if you don’t like the program/product.

Mark and I have made the commitment in 2015 to put products first then work on traffic rather than the other way around because we realised we wasted so much time running after traffic and then when we got it didn’t know what to do with it.

I have never been an affiliate on Clickbank but we have 2 products, both with upsells, on Clickbank right now. As a matter of fact I had to make a couple of changes to some text one of the sales pages to make Clickbank happy the other day. They were concerned not about what I said but how someone MIGHT take it. It was an easy fix and it made everything perfectly clear to anyone viewing the sales page. Since we had nothing to hide I had no problem making the change.

It’s worth noting, too, that vendors can set different commission rates for the initial and recurring payments. The Marketplace displays information about the different commissions offered by vendors.

Your job, as an affiliate, is nearly all about how your subscribers feel about you, not how they feel about the product. Your aim should be to get them to the sales page, where the vendor will sell them product, not to sell them the product yourself. That’s one of the many factors that determines “which affiliates make a living”, so it’s a big issue.

While ClickBank is most definitely not a scam, the problem that many people have is that ClickBank doesn’t have any requirements or screening process that stops disreputable companies from using their services.  The ClickBank marketplace is literally open to everyone.

The traffic on review keywords is low and the competition is fierce. Every SEO and their sister tries to make money with reviews and you end up sitting in the middle of a negative SEO fest, for trickles of traffic.

Avg Rebill Total – This number represents the average total dollar value of a sale, including only rebill payments, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can specify a minimum and/or a maximum Avg Rebill Total.

I was thinking of joining another site for more vendors to market, but I’m really glad that I read your post and I will be steering clear of them. Not saying that they are for sure a scam, but I’m not going to take my chances!

This is definitely the most comprehensive guide anyone has ever put together for free. I’ve been looking for someone to synthesize a topic like this for a long time, thank you so much for all the handwork you put into this. It shows.

Without any doubt, Spicyoffers strive to provide its users with all the capabilities, resources and tools to easily and effectively develop their business worldwide by collaborating with one single, long-awaited, effective self-serve platform.

As an affiliate promoter I have never had a problem receiving payment from clickbank nor resolving any other problems with clickbank. I have had some problems with a few of the clickbank vendors who cheated affiliates out of sales by various methods but that happens anywhere.

My experience has not been as satisfying as some of your respondents. I have been trying to get a refund from Clickbank for over a month. The product had a clear 30 refund policy and I was well within the refund deadline. I have sent Clickbank three emails but have not received a refund. I feel cheated.

After reading Steven Wagenheim’s Honest Income Program ebook, I signed up for ClickBank. ClickBank is essentially a marketplace for ebook authors and companies to advertise their products. It means you as a publisher don’t have to set up complicated affiliate referral scripts and manage billing of your product — it does it all for you and sends you checks in the mail, minus a small percentage cut.

You really tell it like it is. Great article, which only confirmed what I thought was going on with some of these guru scammers. As you said, if it sounds too good to be true, with three clicks on auto pilot, then it absolutely is.

Minimal promotional restrictions – Clickbank does not have many restrictions on how you can promote the products. You are free to promote your product on blogs, websites, email marketing, paid traffic and social marketing to name a few. (Obviously, Spamming is not allowed.)

Also another reason Idon’t really care fo CB is those crappy/scammy products! I know all of them are not scams but a lot of them are. And this makes it really hard for me to feel confident about promoting it. Those products should really be tested by CB instead of them just giving merchants the greenlight. I definitely don’t want to push scams on someone (even if they do give a 60 day money back guarantee, it’s still a time wasting factor and a trust factor when I recommend products).

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The main issue *I* have seen is with Clickbank itself (not the educational university program): Many offers that are in Clickbank’s list of affiliates can be considered ‘scams’: They are either outdated, old, a real scam, misleading etc. Clickbank does little to get rid of the ‘foul players’.

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  1. Using the character * will return listings that use keywords where the * is replaced with multiple characters. For example, if you type gol*, you would get results that include golf, golfing, golfer, gold, golden, etc. This can be very useful for returning listings with related keywords, like the golf/golfer/golfing example.
    Clickbank offers a real support free charge of services to its customers in 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. The support team is available to assist you for affiliate support and vendor support.
    Thanks Pavlos, if you only use organic to start with you can just get started with an autoresponder and a website. It would take maybe 3-4 days to have a small funnel then you can pump content and throw traffic at it :).

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