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That’s not all, Face Book is allowing these deceiving ads that would never be approved by the Competition Bureau, I smell a very large scam and the only ones making money are the scammers and Face Book.

All the methods we talked about before tend to work to some extent but they’re usually worn out and overused by everyone in the industry making it very competitive and hard to scale unless you have a site with hundreds and hundreds of reviews.

I am going to have to put these tactics to work. Although I am currently working to create my product and I will be trying to find affiliates to sell it. I have no problem sharing a piece of the pie if people can bring in results. 🙂

The only sure fire way around this problem is to develope your own program to sell, and reap all the rewards yourself – as most vendors do whether they are legit or not! And I do feel it’s CB’s responsibility to address this issue, in finding a more reliable way of tracking since cookies are no longer trusted by MO$T, including me, while being more picky who they accept as vendors as well^^^

The basic purpose of easyClick404 is to intercept all visits to a website where the page is missing and take appropriate action – instead of just allowing the standard 404 error page to be flashed up.

Initial $/Sale – This number represents the average dollar value of an initial sale, not including rebills, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an initial $/sale above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.

I purchased an EZ Battery reconditioning plan for $47.00 but saw it for $27.00 on another site. It all looked fishy to me but I had by accident ordered the more expensive one. I contacted the clickbank the next day by email, and the next day no reply. So I contacted them again and this time I used their chat site. They issued a refund supposedly until the next day it said ” We contacted the vendor and told them you wanted a refund but we changed it to Tech support and the client reclined and if you choose to change it go here”. I went there but couldn’t get there. So I chatted with them again and she pulled up the order and apologized and said it has been sent for a refund. I said to her that I hoped so because I would like to give them a 5 star. The next day I checked PayPal and the refund was there Haleluia. I would give them 5 stars but it was a difficult transaction because after selecting paypal it asked if they could use the bank acct that was on file with PayPal. Kind of strange but I said yes and then contacted my bank to only allow the $2.00 that was owed to complete the transaction. A lot of things made me wonder about them but all in all I will use them again now that it was all straightened out. The Vendor who I ordered the book from by digital, sent it right away with the bonuses every next Day. It is very informative on how to revive any kind of old battery and how to make your battery in your phone or devices last even longer. Now I have to go and reorder at the $27.00 cost cause I have the book and that’s the right thing to do. Good Day and sorry for the long response but it needs to show the whole issue so you can order with them with confidence and know what to do if you want a refund if offered.

Thank You for your information…I am a new affiliate marketer and of course a little worried when I see sites saying Clickbank is a scam. But I trust your word and the vendors I have selected. As a business person on and offline, you must understand that the best things in life are worked for. We must do our homework…find models that are sound to follow, then step out and find our own path later.

My goal in this post is to highlight a way to get started as an affiliate that’s relatively easy, risk-free, zero cost, has a great chance to make your first money online, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience.

To build a business online you NEED a good and PROVEN guide that teaches EVERYTHING you need to START. Instead of flying blind and purchasing something you don’t understand, grab our BEST RECOMMENDED METHODS, and discover how to EARN at least $100/Day [ in 24 hrs ] as a NEWBIE without even having a WEBSITE and a LIST. You Can Chose anyone below : Each and Every Method is Proven and Guaranteed to Work . VERY FAST – START TODAY !

To build an honest online business requires lots of learning, dedication and hard work! Nothing worth having in life comes cheap, it comes from working hard to get it. Sadly, senior citizens already had a lifetime of working hard and still falls short financially, making them the perfect targets. Truly heartbreaking to see them spend their money on hope and dreams.

Get Handed The Keys To A 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Business @ For Each Backend High Ticket Sale That You Generate You Earn $1,000 Commissions And 100% Commissions Across His Whole Top Selling Product Line. Click Here To Learn How.

Depends on the Vendor you choose, but most Vendors will supply “affiliate tools” for you to use for marketing. If a vendor does not supply affiliate tools, I would not use them because a good Vendor will make sure that the affiliates has something to work with. If they can’t supply proper tools, it is usually not worth promoting the product anyway.

Some other things to consider while you read: How can you target impulsive buyers in this market? How narrow is your niche? If it is too narrow you may find your target market is too small to make sales. If it’s too broad you’ll find it difficult to get your site ranked in search engines so prospects can find you.

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I’ve tried using Clickbank many times but never make enough sales to get past the threshold. I always lost the commissions through a monthly charge. This took any income to zero. After doing this a few time I gave up and use resell rights products or jvzoo now instead. I’ll try again (one day).

If any query or troubleshoot in this platform and have any query regarding its policies, features or terms & conditions, then customer support team provides the service to its customers. You can create a customer support ticket for customer’s tech support request.

The affiliate commission is given after ClickBank takes its portion. So, if an initial sale is $1, you won’t receive a commission, because ClickBank’s portion is 7.5% plus $1. You would receive a commission on any initial or recurring payment that was larger than that, though.

Your first step is actually to go to your own site to get an idea of what types of people tend to visit your site and read your content. For example at Quick Sprout, we obviously have a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of small business owners, a lot of bloggers, a lot of social media professionals that tend to visit Quick Sprout most often. It’s just a good idea to go to your site and just think of the type of people that visit it, because that’s going to guide you when choosing your Clickbank products. Once you’ve done that, your next step is to create a simple but effective spreadsheet just to keep track of all the products that you’ll be looking at.

Charlie, the DOE is the only program, I have with CB. I got tired of the $37 dollar deals actually costing over $200, just to get it to work right. I never did blame CB, however, I was a little up-set with CB for allowing, these people to operate in the CB system! I am very glad to see the house cleaning going on, I’ll give it another 6 months and see how things are then. Thanks for the info!

To the best of my knowledge Clickbank does reveal that their tracking system relies on cookies. Affiliates really need to take time to understand what they are getting into before they spend money to promote any product, including Clickbank products. That’s exactly why I wrote the article.

that’s the key to success, i know a friend who developped a simple ebook for a specific exotic animal and made 92K$ on his first year, because it was just the only info products available for this niche

Live Video Interview With The Product Owner – Teleseminars and phone interviews have been a great way to promote Clickbank products as an affiliate, and now live video takes the effectiveness of the interview to an entirely new level. Ustream allows you to take the embedded code of your video and paste it on any page that wish.

Payment is either by posted check or direct deposit is available to 17 countries including the United States. However in order to qualify for direct deposit you have to receive three paper paychecks within any 12 week period – that might be a bit frustrating at first, but once you qualify you’re set.

The bottom line when considering marketing any product or using any service online is to educate yourself, do your own due diligence so you can make an informed and intelligent decision before proceeding forward.

While I don’t have any experience with Clickbank, I have attempted to sign-up & browse through the various products. I must say it’s a very busy market place & it doesn’t take me long to lost myself on the site.

I should point out that sometimes a low gravity product can still be worth promoting – it might simply be new, or an undiscovered gem. So while gravity is a helpful indication of selling potential, you shouldn’t reject an otherwise high-quality product solely because of its low gravity score.

But beneath the glowing exterior of Clickbank, is it really the best place to buy from or promote products? Depending on the source, it seems to go either way; some say it’s an amazing place and yet others say it’s horrible. If you’re wondering if Clickbank is a scam, we’ll dive into the details within this review.

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​As an affiliate marketer, you can jump right in, create your unique affiliate links for thousands of products (more on that later) and start pushing traffic right away. You will also see your earnings in real time.

I’m a Clickbank vendor in the health niche and find the company reliable and easy to work with. I was also surprised when they missed their scheduled payment last month. Nice post for marketers looking to get started with Clickbank.

But then again when there are marketers who use those tactics it gives us other marketers an opportunity to be different to stand out and stand up for truth, justice and the affiliate marketer’s way!!

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