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Unfortunately there’s simply no way to compete with their claim of only a few spots left for 3 months e-mail coaching offered for $39. If I’m hoping to find active affiliates who will promote my product, I simply can’t depend upon Clickbank. Most affiliates looking to promote a product in my niche will be promoting the high grav product, and the reason it sells so well is because of the false and “over the top” promises in the sales copy.

If you have ever considered buying a product sold through Clickbank, you have probably noticed that it can be tough to find  legitimate Clickbank reviews.  I’ve found a way to make it a little bit easier.

Try this test. Set your cookies to Per Session and go to any Clickbank product page and enter to buy anything. At the bottom of the secure page you will see [affiliate = none] I just copied and pasted this result at 12:12 pm 8-4-2011

It takes time and effort to do research and write detailed product reviews. With Arun’s, ClickBank PLR review packs it will save affiliate marketers a ton of time and money. These reviews are exactly what ClickBank affiliates and niche site marketers are looking for.

No, usually they will not have any problems if you use the materials on their website to promote a product positively. Most sales pages have a disclaimer at the bottom, better to go and check first just to be safe.

I personally know Clickbank very well since I have used them in my affiliate marketing campaigns since 2006. It works like this: Find a high quality product to promote, grab your affiliate link for that particular product, and start promoting it with your blog if you have one, through social networking sites, article marketing, classifieds, forums, ppc, press releases, seo, as well as many more internet marketing tactics to get your product in front of the right people so you can successfully sell them.

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Wealthy Affiliate is the complete opposite of Clickbank University. The platform teaches members how to make money with their own websites. Meaning, you learn how to create a site on a topic that you love and then generate an income via selling affiliate products, advertising space or if you have one, your own product. Much easier and doable, still hard work and dedication, but more realistic.

Well, ClickBank is one of the most popular online websites for buying and selling information products. On this platform you can find email marketing software, audio books to help with public speaking and just about anything that you can imagine.

Spicyoffers is aware of the difficulties Advertisers can face by dealing with networks, we are Offers Owners too! Our company has many years of dual expertise in both facets of the advertising process. Entrust your offers to Spicyoffers and enjoy:

1) Convenient – What I like about CB University is that all you need to learn about affiliate marketing, product creation and the required tools are all located in 1 place. All you have to do is to login there and you have everything accessible.

To get a refund with Clickbank you need to check the receipt you got in your email you purchased your product. Go to the receipt and on it, it will explain the steps you need to take if you want to refund the product. It’s easy to do and the money will be deposited onto your account after sending your refund request.

Clickbank has a very straight-forward tracking system – basically there are two kinds of affiliate links you can get; either encrypted or standard. The standard Clickbank affiliate link or “HopLink” is in the format http://affiliateid.vendorid.hop.clickbank.net. Clickbank also has encrypted HopLinks that hide the vendor ID and affiliate ID. While I can understand people wanting to hide their affiliate ID, I believe a redirect is a far cleaner way to do it as the encrypted links are not exactly pretty (e.g. 902q3fhawiojewasdfef3.hop.clickbank.net). Also it’s important to remember that if someone buys through your link, you affiliate ID will be visible on the payment page.

With the emergence of social media, standard product review pages have begun losing their effectiveness. The public is demanding more than just a brief summary and a 5 star rating system to help them make purchasing decisions. They want proof, and they want it in real time.

They do have some very odd (to me) rules about getting your money if you are a new affiliate, and new affiliates need to be warned about that before promoting Clickbank products and thinking the money is going to tumble in.

ClickBank provides vendors with tools that allow them to tell affiliates about their products. These include images, keywords, reviews and testimonials, as well as any product guide or FAQ documentation. By providing such data, they are giving enough information to affiliates to attract them and convince them to promote their offerings.

Cracking article and I to am glad Clickbank are cleaning up in-house, it’s a releif to see the 1-click / over-hyped products being targetted and I’ll be interested to know how this will pan out over the coming weeks / months – Looks like the Market is shifting towards Ethical Marketing Strategies and that can only be a good thing.

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  1. When we talk about Clickbank marketplace most people know it’s a heaven for affiliate marketers as this opens the door to a new way for the novice also for an experienced affiliate marketers to promote any digital products as their choices.
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    Best watch CLICKBANK, I bought a 10.00 flashlight for about 80.00. They have some kind of hook on the web sight checkout, where you join some kind of a SCAM. I did not watch the paypal account close. I was billed for 6 flashlights. They said something like it was some survival package. Never got anything related to this. SO IF YOU USE CLICKBANK YOU BEST WATCH IT EVERY MONTH. The flashlight is a good one but it is not worth 80.00. I might have caught it but they keep sending a duplicate receipt every month for a flashlight, but it finally hit me. Guess I will have to suck this one up.
    The ClickBank Marketplace contains thousands of products including ebooks, computer software, membership programs, entertainment, games and more – all products are delivered digitally over the web. ClickBank’s more than 100,000 affiliates promote these products every day and earn money from affiliate commissions.

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