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Timely payment: You can choose to get paid as often as every week through its multiple options. you will get the credit for your sales even if customers wait up to 60 days to purchase after clicking your link.

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i’m watching this thread. on my analytics I’ve seen server calls but not sales in those 3 months I was seriously promoting as an affiliate newbie. well, I figure i’ve yet to learn more. as far as I know, I need to develop my list building skills, sales funnel and landing page strategies. I think we just need more time to learn the ropes of clickbank or any other. It’s not as easy as it sounds on those pretty looking landing pages. I mean I tried dumping a lot of ppc traffic on my ads but I figure I was missing something. I a feeling that it’s kinda like a breaktrhough moment just like how I made my first income online. Keep up the great spirit bro, but also be aware that some of the gurus are legit. And most are just dancing around the topic.

Inactive merchants: The product does not track the merchants site when it is getting approved. You don’t track which offer you have been accepted and there is no option for you when a merchant is removed same offer.

I am cautious about purchasing a product with clickbank as you must agree for future charges on your account that you pay with. It appears to open the door for the vendor to continue to charge my account. The payment page was also flagged as risky with the filters on my work computer.

Very true words spoken above! I am UK based and there are some decent products on clickbank I would like to promote, however, having just logged back in after a brief absence, have found that the small amount of commission I earned has been eaten up by clickbanks dormant account charges, also never an email to say “You Got Funds” ! They say you can only have direct deposit account after you have made 5 different sales for different products!, and then only after your check has been sent to you and deposited in your account,! They provide no proof of postage or email that a cheque has ever been sent, or is going to be sent and who are you to be able to say that they didn’t send it, or it was not received….so when the imaginary cheque arrives..five times and clears..you then can have a real account, but there does not appear to be any way of tracking your hits or sales and most of the products for sale are with landing pages that redirect and want the potential customer to purchase a bigger package or register their email for the next big thing that you have no control over what so ever give them your bank details and begin promoting their products spending £100’s of pounds and getting hits,..but only to find that the customer has been redirected via an email link, that you can’t track ! I really think you will find that the very vast majority of products for sale actually are commissioned by the owners of clickbank, and thrives on the gullibility of new-comers and the honest intentions of most of us genuine people trying to sell a product to enhance our lives and other peoples lives, not just to line the pockets of these unscrupulous con men under the umbrella of paypal, I hope that their dubious practice is exposed before too long and that someone in the UK will develop the same type of program, and also that Paypal will listen to the complaints that should ALL be registered ..no matter how insignificant they may seem…so I lost about £34.. big deal..but even if you times that by a few thousand, it is still a lot of money. I like your website and please excuse my ramblings! John http://www.goldwriters.com

A bit of a long read but, it explains the importance of having your own website if you want to succeed with Affiliate marketing. In the article is useful links that you can use to join programs with the best support structure and training.

Make sure to apply the various product filtering options to find products that are popular but not yet promoted by a large number of affiliates, products that have high rebill amount and earned per sale value.

Avg Rebill Total: This number is shown if the products from the vendor offers recurring billing. This may apply to memberships and subscriptions where the customer is often charged monthly. This figure shows the average amount an affiliate may make on all of the recurring sales. The original sale is not included in here.

Weekly Progress Report – Choose a Clickbank product that you will put to use for a four to twelve week time period. For your first Ustream broadcast, let your audience know your goals and expectations from the program. Inform them that you are documenting your journey live so you can hold yourself accountable to using the product to its fullest potential, and to provide the viewer with the best possible product review.Set a day and time when you will broadcast your progress each week. It’s important to train your viewers on when to expect your program to air. Treat it like your own television program. Consistency is the key to a successful Ustream channel.Share your progress and answer your viewers’ questions in the chat box with each show that you produce. I recommend that you keep the length of your weekly progress report show to around 10 or 15 minutes. Captivate your audience, deliver great content, and tell them to tune in next week. When your show has ended, I recommend that you take advantage of the Ustream function that allows you to immediately upload the video to YouTube.

In this article, I’ll share 4 simple ways you can start getting more from the Marketplace with just a little bit of extra effort. Proper research before promoting a product is often the difference between success and failure, so try out these techniques to get your promotions off on the right foot!

It is sad but true that the market does not police itself very well. The scammers come, take money from people who can afford to lose it most, and then vanish without any repercussions. Thus it has ever been. The best thing we can do is to be informed consumers and find voices that can be trusted for when we want an opinion.

The easiest way to find these kinds of products is to filter by Billing Type: Recurring, or to look for products with a high Avg Rebill Total, which indicates how much an affiliate earns (on average) after the initial sale of that vendor’s products. It’s not a guaranteed amount, but it’s a good sign that you can continue earning more after that first sale. Our Avg $/sale stat does include the initial and recurring amounts an affiliate will earn from that vendor (on average), so you can look at that as well to get a good sense of the overall value of promoting that vendor.

I’ve tried using Clickbank many times but never make enough sales to get past the threshold. I always lost the commissions through a monthly charge. This took any income to zero. After doing this a few time I gave up and use resell rights products or jvzoo now instead. I’ll try again (one day).

Once you’ve signed up, one of the first thing’s you’ll want to do is have a look through the Clickbank Marketplace. Clickbank has thousands of products that you can choose from. However it is important to take your time in promoting. While there are some really high quality products on Clickbank, there are also a lot of sub-par products that should be avoided.

Excellent replies to a somewhat ‘disturbed individual’ who appears to have much bigger problems than little old ‘Clickbank’ !!!! Quite sad really. I’m sure there’s more appropriate forums available that would help you address what ever issues seem to be dominating your somewhat pathetic life. This- my friend – is NOT one of those forums. Good luck and Gods’ speed !!

Their site is easy to use and they offer very good customer service in my experience. But they have leaned toward the fast buck artists by introducing selling methods like “one click upsells” and other tools.

The statistics displayed are based on an average of the past 12 weeks of sales. If a product is new, the statistics are not displayed. If an account has had no sales in the past 12 weeks, it is not displayed.

I’ve had multiple bad experiences with clickbank. Shortly after my affiliate account started to really pick up steam in 2016, I hit login issues and assumed their site was having problems. However the next time I was unable to login, I finally contacted customer support. They told me my account had been flagged for removal. Upon review, they found their automated system had failed and my account was a victim.

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