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Clickbank is a market platform for vendors (product creators) to sell their digital products. Such products could range from ebooks, downloadable resources/programs or online membership sites. On the flip side, it’s also a place that widely attracts affiliate marketers to help these creators sell their products, essentially giving them a source of free publicity and advertising in exchange for a commission fee on every sale.

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You can also choose the biggest selling marketplaces, see most current trend analysis, and use the powerful keyword finder, as well as searching for top rated websites and Blogsites for back links, ad campaigns and more.

And on clickbank IV been using them for 4 yrs. Now never had an issue with them they pay me by direct deposit into my bank. If not for CB I would not be working from home with my own schedule and getting up when i feel like it and starting work whenever i want.

Do another Google search by typing inurl:”keyword phrase”. For example, for our keyword above it would be inurl:”cure tinnitus”. Take a look at the number of results again. If that number is below 1,250, this keyword is a winner. Make a note of it.

Now what! You’ll pay $200 for crappy clickbank products and does trade at will using its intelligence so-called coding and finally you lose everything. Don’t ever buy software if that says make money with the click of a button. Software doesn’t have life so it can’t understand your feelings and dictation. Hence they’re dead objects. Mind it.

www.clickbank.com – A very big digital products market place. More than 10000 dealers sell their products on this site. Site is very good, product delivery is good. Protection for the buyer, who purchases the product online is very good. Response from customer service department of this website is also very good. But for affiliates it is a very bad site. Suppose as an affiliate, you may register with product dealers to promote their sales. You have to put so much of your efforts for diverting the traffic to that dealer website through your affiliate link. You have to incur huge expenditure in that process, and finally you have to sell the product on behalf of your dealer. Here, the lacuna starts. The prospective buyer who takes the information from you, register himself as an affiliate by going straight way to click bank web site and can purchase that product. He gets the affiliate commission and credit for the sale. You will loose your opportunity for that sale, you will loose your expenditure and you will loose your interest in promoting the click bank products finally. There is no solution for this.

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Hi Gael, This is amazing. Seriously this is worth gold. I’ve never read any blog post or an ebook for a matter of fact that goes into such detail. After reading this, I think I’m going to buy subscription to your pro program as well.

What kind of email capture page and product can I build to pay bloggers to link to that page? I think building a squeeze page with an free ebook would make most bloggers turn down my offer. Plus, what the banners/posts would be about?

I suppose that does require a very good segmentation strategy that allows you to keep track of where your subscribers opted in in the first place, so that you can target specific solutions that are related to that problem that prompted them to join your list.

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I haven’t seen any tracking and reporting benefits from CB in their website which makes my stomach queezy. The first thing they should stress is how affiliates get paid, and how to track earnings and sales. After all that’s their service. How do we know what’s going on in their back room?

But i have also now noticed in the previous months from personal experience that although Paypal are only a payment system and they have an extension payment system that seems to have popped up in the passed year called Plimus, i find a really lot of scam artist are using this paypal/plimus system to sell their wares and, again this is not Paypal fought and they are very quick to deal with problems .

Because it is all automated and makes it very difficult for your competitors to compete with you. The automated process will allow one to analyze, outshine your competitors and finally generate more traffic into your site.

Your right that Clickbank has to step up it’s game when it come to the “less than honest” products and services it carries, BUT I see a very big conflict of interest here. These ‘3 click software’ products and the like make a lot of money for clickbank, as do all the big IM launches. Are CB really going to bite the hand that feeds them? We shall see!

Looking forward to having a one on one with you too soon (after our family ski trip) Anyway, I have a website and blog where I use eBooks and DOE from Clickbank and it was my first money making online success. I’ve never had problems with clickbank but I agree they need to clean up some of the “get rich quick” ones. Everything I affiliate in clickbank are also products I have bought and used myself. I’m happy!

There’s nothing inherentely wrong with the Clickbank marketplace as it stands. They handle the digital screening process of their vendor products better than most other similar platforms and do a pretty good job of honoring refund requests. I’ve bought many products through the marketplace and I’ve always gotten my money back with no problem when I wanted to return something I wasn’t fully satisfied with.

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    Question on legalities… Say I create a Facebook Page for the product I’ve decided to promote. Is it illegal in any way to extract and use information from the original website? I would imagine that since you’re promoting THEIR product, that they wouldn’t have an issue with using their materials to make your Facebook Page? Maybe, I’m wrong..

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