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So yeah, Clickbank definitely has some cleaning up to do that’s for sure. They may not be a scam but t I don’t particularly like how they operate (particularly with new affiliates) and I don’t trust many of those crappy products.

If you’re a customer looking to purchase a product, then chances are you will never actually see the marketplace. I don’t think I have ever heard of somebody browsing it to find products to buy. Instead, you will probably experience Clickbank when you go to buy an eBook or digital training course, or piece of software. Lots of different websites choose to sell their digital products through CB’s platform.

Gravity: This number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. Since more recent transactions are given a higher value, this number can give you an idea of what products are “hot” at the moment, in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However, high gravity can also indicate that there will be a lot of competition in promoting this product.

I like this! True, the last thing you want to do is to fake it. It really doesn’t sit well with ANYBODY and most especially when you appear to be doing the review for the sole purpose of SELLING a product.

I’m not sure what sort of form you mean. If a customer follows your HopLink, they go straight to the vendor’s HopLink target (generally a pitch page). As an affiliate, you can’t require the customer to supply additional information beyond what’s on the order form.

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As with all products sold on the Clickbank Marketplace, your purchase of Download Who Me…seriously? Unique Parenting Video Class is protected by the standard Clickbank Return Policy which you can view by clicking here. This policy is in place to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisified with your purchase of Who Me…seriously? Unique Parenting Video Class then you may request a refund in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy which can make your purchase is 100% risk free.

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I am glad we agree on ClickBank. The two platforms are not really the same, it is possible to use both. Wealthy Affiliate to learn about affiliate marketing and building your site. Then once your site is online you can add your ClickBank affiliate links to promote products. You just need to be a little careful about the quality of the products you promote from ClickBank.

My experience has not been as satisfying as some of your respondents. I have been trying to get a refund from Clickbank for over a month. The product had a clear 30 refund policy and I was well within the refund deadline. I have sent Clickbank three emails but have not received a refund. I feel cheated.

Product review pages have always been a great way to promote Clickbank products. Affiliates’ conversion rates will often increase significantly when they drive traffic to a review page first, rather than sending traffic directly to the vendor’s sales page. But times are changing, and the Internet is becoming more dynamic and interactive. If you are not keeping up with these changes, you will surely be leaving money on the table.

In the ten years I have used clickbank I have only requested a refund on three products, two of which outright lied on their sales page about what the product would do and third whose product did not meet me needs. So I am not a serial refunder. But in all three instances clickbank first referred the problem to the vendor for a solution. In the first and third instance the vendors requested the refunds after I told them why I wanted it, in the third instance the vendor refused to respond to my emails after I explained why I wanted a refund. So I notified clickbank and they issued the refund.

If you find that you’re getting too many irrelevant results, you can make your search more specific or eliminate keywords that don’t fit your niche. You can do so by adding certain criteria to your search, such as:

hey thanks for the review.. but there is something i didn’t understand . is CBU focusing only for vendors.. which to make a product and to sell it ? what about to sell other products ? so if i wanna be an affilliate only, CBU is not good for me ?

What kind of email capture page and product can I build to pay bloggers to link to that page? I think building a squeeze page with an free ebook would make most bloggers turn down my offer. Plus, what the banners/posts would be about?

Thank you for your review of Clickbank. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate the service. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent ClickBank Reviews section. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

Even though I generate more than 100 visits by a guest post, I am converting 0 of those visitors to email subscriber. I think I have done something wrong on my content strategy, or even overall strategy.

For vendors like me who sell online Clickbank can be a God send. They collect the money for sales, pay affiliates on time and send us the balance. They pay once a week and they handle all the pesky paperwork like filing tax forms and more. They collect and remit VAT where needed so we don’t have to.

Some partners and I are using plimus.com for handling royalties. Not sure I like it yet, but very few other systems handle royalties. Plimus also handles affiliates. Plimus does insist you conduct your business “the plimus way,” for example, requiring phone confirmation at times and delaying If you find any other system that can handle royalties, please post.

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