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60 Day Return Policy – Clickbank offers a 60 day return policy on all it’s products inside it’s marketplace, which is to generous in my opinion. Good for the buyer of the product because they are protected, but it can be bad for the affiliate promoting the product because some people take advantage of Clickbanks generous return policy. If you are trying to promote a product in the ebusiness – emarketing category better known as the internet marketing – make money online niche your refunds could be high due to internet marketers taking advantage of this policy and trying to get products for free basically. Sometimes the product is low quality, and it would constitute a refund. But most of the time it is just marketers taking advantage of the system and trying to get something for free.

Once you signed up, Clickbank will verify that you have a sales site, with no less than two pages of good sales copy. These two pages are a good looking sales page that encourages users to buy your product and looks professional. The other page is a thank you page that will appear after someone buys your product, thanking them for buying your product and directing them to their download link.

I recommend WA as a training website because they are in this industry for more than 10 years and reliable. In addition, there is a free option that will not expire, all the basic training along with 2 websites to practice on. Feel free to have a look at my review and do not hesitate to shout if you have more questions.

Many ways to build a successful online business and sell legitimate products. Most successful method would be to build own niche website and sell products with a good reputation like Amazon’s products as an example. Obviously, you will have to learn the basics about marketing and website development, but that is not nearly as complicated as trying to work with the scams.

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Thanks again for the timely post. I certainly would not blame Clickbank for my failures with IM. I would certainly say that the money that I have wasted with IM has been money well spent. I am now at the point where anyone on whose list I am on and who presents me with e-mails of clicks resulting in fortunes does get me to hit the unsubscribed button. What is much worse are marketers/vendors informing me not only of commissions earned (when that was not so) but monies that have been sent to my bank account on a particular date. Such cruel and blatent lies.This type of advertisement is so cheap and nasty that the only treatment that is given to such marketers is again the delete and unsubscribed button. I would accept and agree that there is quite a lot within IM that needs to be tidied up and I do hope that Clickband would speedily sort out the shady practices. Thanks again Charlie.

Reaching out to vendors is also a good idea because they may be willing to offer extra benefits or perks such as sales bonuses, customized affiliate links, custom landing pages, or any number of other benefits. You’ll never know if you don’t try! The worst that can happen is they don’t respond, in which case it can be a signal that you may not want to promote their products anyway.

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Thank you Christene for this review on ClickBank University. It has helped me to gain more insight into ClickBank University and what the costs are as well as the upsells one can expect. I wonder if they did away with the upsells if they would have more business, more students sign up. I have a few questions:

Movie sites are another thing to watch out for. The sales page promise tons of new movies and series, once you paid, you are re-directed to sites with old movies not worth watching. Sales pages are always full of glamour, the product, not so much.

Digital products – Clickbank sells only digital products inside their marketplace. Digital products are information products, which the Internet is based off of, which is good. They can be ebooks, software downloads, video tutorials, or services, such as memberships etc… Digital products offer a high affiliate payout anywhere from 50% to 75% based on the product, so you can make some good money if you learn how to promote, and sell them correctly online.

Clickbank is an online sales platform that allows the entrepreneur to sell their products to provide a suitable mechanism for retailing to customers. It is a largest affiliate marketing network for digital products. The product handles credit card processing, accounting and payouts. It sells the digital and lifestyle products that are created by entrepreneurs. The tool is the intermediate between the customers and entrepreneur to confirm payments, process the orders and provides the customer support. It has two different sides, one is affiliate marketers and second is vendors who are like to promote their own digital products through this tool.

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I think it isn’t necessarily fair to say one is better than the other, because Amazon and Clickbank are completely different programs. There are reasons and advantages to use Amazon, as well as Clickbank, but it really just depends on your business model. Not all niches are compatible with Clickbank, and the same could be said for Amazon.

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