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Good news, this is not the only way to make money, this is only the best way to get scammed. Millions of people are working hard the legitimate way and earning money on a daily basis, some even get rich doing it.

ClickBank has thousands of products for Affiliates to market and earn high commission, therefore ensuring continuous work. With such demand, affiliates will never need to search hard for products to promote. ClickBank is one of the few sites that promote recurring commissions. These are required through recurrent payment products providing affiliates with recurring commissions. ClickBank also has No Limitations on how a Product should be Promoted. This Therefore Helps the Affiliate Marketers to Maximise Their Monthly Earnings.  There is one more benefit of ClickBank and that is Paying their Affiliates in every two weeks. According to various ClickBank Reviews they always Pay on time and I must say that this is one of the main reason I chose them in the first place.

I saw a reference to PayDotCom in a thread about affiliate marketplaces over on the Warrior Forum. I have to say, it looks like they’ve taken some of the above to heart…especially the payment complaints I mentioned. As an affiliate, I couldn’t find very much I wanted to sell on PayDotCom — it seems to be mostly filled with junk ebooks. As a publisher, though, I’d be more willing to use it than ClickBank. Ultimately, I find it likely I will either buy or build my own affiliate system for Hardworking Millionaire. If I decide to just sell an ebook or two in the meantime, I will try PayDotCom. Perhaps I will then write another rant about them. Who knows? 😉

Clickbank itself is not a scam. However, what I have found is it is full of people selling garbage with absolutely no support. So far everything I have tried has either not worked as advertised, way too complicated or no support. It is my belief that the people selling all this crap hope that people will forget that they have made the purchase or that they do not request a refund before 60 days. In short I am done wasting my time buying anything more on Clickbank.

1) Locked Content – They will lock out some content for you as they believe that it will prevent users from information overload. While this might be good for a newbie, it is quite a turn off for intermediate and advanced marketers.

There are reviews you’ll find in the first page of the Google which might contain ulterior motive because as far as my experience goes I have seen a lot of affiliate based blogs that ranks better than the real reviews.

I’ve tried using Clickbank many times but never make enough sales to get past the threshold. I always lost the commissions through a monthly charge. This took any income to zero. After doing this a few time I gave up and use resell rights products or jvzoo now instead. I’ll try again (one day).

Avg Rebill Total: This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring billing products (e.g., products like memberships and subscriptions that regularly bill customers over time). This number shows the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales. Note that this number doesn’t include the initial sale amount.

I agree, only ones that get rich quick, are the scammers. So many people that desire quick money without working too hard. Actually, common sense, if indeed it was possible to earn millions by just clicking a few buttons, we would’ve had no one left to do actual jobs because everyone would sit on a beach somewhere just clicking a few buttons each day.

In this review for Top Clickbank Product Reviews PLR,  you’ll learn how to get your hands on brand new, unique, high quality PLR product reviews for the top 15 products in Clickbank and how you can earn amazing commissions using these reviews.

As you mentioned, too many people make an online income look too easy with the hype. It’s just a matter of being realistic. If you aren’t prepared for the hard work, then you are in the wrong industry.

High refund rate – This will differ from product to product, obviously. Clickbank products have a higher refund rate than any other programs. Because of the guaranteed 60-day refund policy, individuals tend to purchase, use the product and then get a refund.

When you first head over to the Clickbank sign up form, you will notice that everything is pretty straight forward requiring only basic address and contact information. A distinct advantage for affiliates is Clickbank’s lack of requirements when you first sign up. Rather than requiring preapproval like many networks, Clickbank allows virtually anyone to sign up and start promoting. This is great for newbies who can’t really point to existing websites and programs they have promoted. Clickbank also allows affiliates from over 150 countries to sign up – which is most. Unfortunately if your country isn’t listed in the drop-down menu on the sign up page, there isn’t much you can do.

I have developed what I think is a pretty cool 11-part auto responder series that solves a critical problem people have in my niche – it includes a number of affiliate links as well (although not clickbank – yet). I currently have a squeeze page set up which I’m driving traffic to through using FB ads, but I’m finding that I’m having to pay way too much for every conversion ( > $1.50 per conversion).

Very true words spoken above! I am UK based and there are some decent products on clickbank I would like to promote, however, having just logged back in after a brief absence, have found that the small amount of commission I earned has been eaten up by clickbanks dormant account charges, also never an email to say “You Got Funds” ! They say you can only have direct deposit account after you have made 5 different sales for different products!, and then only after your check has been sent to you and deposited in your account,! They provide no proof of postage or email that a cheque has ever been sent, or is going to be sent and who are you to be able to say that they didn’t send it, or it was not received….so when the imaginary cheque arrives..five times and clears..you then can have a real account, but there does not appear to be any way of tracking your hits or sales and most of the products for sale are with landing pages that redirect and want the potential customer to purchase a bigger package or register their email for the next big thing that you have no control over what so ever give them your bank details and begin promoting their products spending £100’s of pounds and getting hits,..but only to find that the customer has been redirected via an email link, that you can’t track ! I really think you will find that the very vast majority of products for sale actually are commissioned by the owners of clickbank, and thrives on the gullibility of new-comers and the honest intentions of most of us genuine people trying to sell a product to enhance our lives and other peoples lives, not just to line the pockets of these unscrupulous con men under the umbrella of paypal, I hope that their dubious practice is exposed before too long and that someone in the UK will develop the same type of program, and also that Paypal will listen to the complaints that should ALL be registered ..no matter how insignificant they may seem…so I lost about £34.. big deal..but even if you times that by a few thousand, it is still a lot of money. I like your website and please excuse my ramblings! John http://www.goldwriters.com

My gut feeling on CB hasn’t been good. I’m right almost 100% of the time when I follow my gut feeling. CB charges a $49 sign-up fee. If you know anything about finance service fees they are how companies make their profit margins. Service fees are a first sign of profiteering in the wrong ways.

I think there is a different advantage that this click-bank university could give to different marketer’s online. Well, if some people say that it was a spam, maybe they have some bad experienced in using this click back university.

I purchased an EZ Battery reconditioning plan for $47.00 but saw it for $27.00 on another site. It all looked fishy to me but I had by accident ordered the more expensive one. I contacted the clickbank the next day by email, and the next day no reply. So I contacted them again and this time I used their chat site. They issued a refund supposedly until the next day it said ” We contacted the vendor and told them you wanted a refund but we changed it to Tech support and the client reclined and if you choose to change it go here”. I went there but couldn’t get there. So I chatted with them again and she pulled up the order and apologized and said it has been sent for a refund. I said to her that I hoped so because I would like to give them a 5 star. The next day I checked PayPal and the refund was there Haleluia. I would give them 5 stars but it was a difficult transaction because after selecting paypal it asked if they could use the bank acct that was on file with PayPal. Kind of strange but I said yes and then contacted my bank to only allow the $2.00 that was owed to complete the transaction. A lot of things made me wonder about them but all in all I will use them again now that it was all straightened out. The Vendor who I ordered the book from by digital, sent it right away with the bonuses every next Day. It is very informative on how to revive any kind of old battery and how to make your battery in your phone or devices last even longer. Now I have to go and reorder at the $27.00 cost cause I have the book and that’s the right thing to do. Good Day and sorry for the long response but it needs to show the whole issue so you can order with them with confidence and know what to do if you want a refund if offered.

I am absolutely new to the whole online marketing thing. I visited CB in 2012, then, it appeared overwhelming so I put it on the back burner. A week ago I revisited CB and ran two campaigns without a website nor blog . I went to Fiverr and had traffic directed to my CB ad. At this point, I’m just waiting to see if anything converts. I jumped in without knowing too much of what I was doing… I needed to take some type of action.

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown. – https://covertcommissions.com/s/cc/19284

I have never been an affiliate on Clickbank but we have 2 products, both with upsells, on Clickbank right now. As a matter of fact I had to make a couple of changes to some text on one of the sales pages to make Clickbank happy the other day. They were concerned not about what I said but how someone MIGHT take it. It was an easy fix and it made everything perfectly clear to anyone viewing the sales page. Since we had nothing to hide I had no problem making the change.

This has certainly been an eye-opening experience for me. My number-one takeaway from all this is it doesn’t matter how great your keyword research, copywriting, and sales letter are if the website you’re linking to doesn’t convert. Publisher websites without strong sales copy — especially for tech-heavy products — will fail. As a corollary, if you are a publisher, don’t send your affiliates to your home page!

According to the web page where I saw your question, “Clickbank also allows affiliates from over 150 countries to sign up – which is most. Unfortunately if your country isn’t listed in the drop-down menu on the sign up page, there isn’t much you can do.”

Very good article……unfortunately too late for me, since I learnt ClickBank’s rules the hard way (and some money too due to their ‘getting paid by different methods’ – even found out how to go around this, but sadly too late), however we learn from out mistakes also.

There is an old phrase about technology that goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  That principle may be true of one of the many great features about the Clickbank marketplace and how they set you up to put product into their … [Read more…]

I have extensive experience with Clickbank from both sides of the spectrum; I’ve purchased a lot of products, and I have promoted as an affiliate. I have even worked for a business that sells a lot of its own products through CB, and helped a family member to sell their own product as well. Although I’m not a legendary, God-tier super affiliate, I nonetheless think I’m fairly qualified to answer the question of whether or not Clickbank is legit.

I take your point about upsells and OTO’s. However, I have a very simple procedure that I use EVERY time. I just don’t read the OTO’s! I scroll straight to the bottom of the page where the “no thanks” button is!

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  1. In the first email I first send them the link to the lead magnet a second time (the excuse to email them) and ask them if they saw the offer (affiliate link). I then go on and give a bullet point list of why I think they should get it as well as maybe 1 testimonial to give it credibility and start easing into the emotional realm. I’ll usually finish with a question, opening a loop making them want to open the next email.
    I should point out that sometimes a low gravity product can still be worth promoting – it might simply be new, or an undiscovered gem. So while gravity is a helpful indication of selling potential, you shouldn’t reject an otherwise high-quality product solely because of its low gravity score.
    That means you can expose them to the offer again in case they didn’t buy and take your time to convince them that it’s what they need (and you know it is because they downloaded the related lead magnet).
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