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Every online marketer and their plumber knows that ClickBank is one of the hottest marketplaces online. You’ve heard the stories of how the top affiliates are making six figures monthly just by promoting ClickBank products.

My advice to Clickbank newbies: If your going to be promoting products in this niche, make sure you do your homework by buying the product if possible, or checking out various reviews on the product to find out if the majority of the buyers of this product are happy with their purchase. This will keep your refunds to a minimum. I would stay out of the ebusiness – emarketing category all together if you can help it. Here is a good product I bought that has low refunds that you can check out by clicking here

3 – Selecting best-selling products – By now, you should have a good understanding of who your market is and what they are looking for. It’s now time to go back to ClickBank and search for some good products to promote that will meet their needs.

Payment is sent at pay period end time which is every 2 weeks for cheques. If you are eligible for direct deposit you can receive payment every week. Full details of the ClickBank Paycheck Policy here

Put simply, ClickBank is an intermediary between the product creators and the affiliate marketers. The consumers click on your affiliate link and pay ClickBank. Clickbank then pays the affiliate his commission and the vendor. The platform handles all the accounting, payments and refunds.

Avg %/rebill – This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring billing products, and shows the average commission rate earned only on rebills. Vendors can offer different commission rates on the initial sale and the rebills.

If you have pop-ups and optins on every page, I would have to think that it would be a lot harder to convince someone to link to it. Especially since the pages where you have your optins (and probably receive the most traffic) are probably the same pages that you have your best content on as well that you’d be hoping to pitch in your outreach campaign.

I got a question about the funnel. You were talking about the first page to be a blog page. I interpreted it as having you own blog(website), that should compete with other expert website. I was wondering if the first step of your funnel can be the opt-in page. The blogs that refers to the opt-in page are guestblogposts on expert websites, so multiple ways of traffic and seo. So you are only building an opt-in page, thank you page, landing pages etc on your website, but no blog to become an expert. Is that something you can do? Or is that not Google friendly or most expert websites are against?

Because it is all automated and makes it very difficult for your competitors to compete with you. The automated process will allow one to analyze, outshine your competitors and finally generate more traffic into your site.

Since ClickBank Marketplace has several thousands of ready to promote products, the products are organized into categories. Each product is listed in one main category and one secondary category. You can find the list of the main marketplace categories and all secondary categories on this page.

Banner pages can be quite a important tool for your personal enterprise website. It is possible to trade hyperlinks or artwork with other sites, that have content material on the same subject as the one you have. It becomes an good way to improve the presence of your internet site on search engines like yahoo, which makes it easier for consumers to get your organization.

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We’re the ONLY site that offers REDEFINED ads of each Clickbank product! We do not believe in displaying raw Clickbank product ads to end buyers. We convert Clickbank Marketplace raw XML feed in to our own format in the process of redefinition.

The process of getting a backlink is a bit different for each option listed below, but you can’t go wrong here.  The idea is to do three things: get a link to your site, use your keyword phrase in the description or tag when you’re using a bookmarking site, use your keyword phrase as the “anchor text” (the text that’s clickable…that is the actual link to your site) whenever possible.  Don’t worry about getting this perfect…any link is better than a perfect link, and you can do no harm!

To be clear 😉 first I need to prepare article with a good shareable content and next all your “sales tips”. But I have one question do I need my own blog or site to start selling. I mean can I prepare a good article and post it somewhere else, in other words without my own website ?

Charlie, the DOE is the only program, I have with CB. I got tired of the $37 dollar deals actually costing over $200, just to get it to work right. I never did blame CB, however, I was a little up-set with CB for allowing, these people to operate in the CB system! I am very glad to see the house cleaning going on, I’ll give it another 6 months and see how things are then. Thanks for the info!

You can use the Marketplace to find one or more products to promote. Products across all languages and types are available and can be searched. Once you’ve found a product you want to promote, you can generate a HopLink that incorporates your nickname and the vendor’s nickname. When a customer follows this link to a vendor’s page and purchases one or more products that vendor, you receive a commission for the sale.

I do recommend starting with a program that will teach you website development like WA to get you started. Once you have finished the training, you can cancel and work on your own steam with little investment. Crucial to know the basics first, otherwise you will end up running in circles and spend too much.

You are absolutely right Charlie. Click Bank has been fair to me. Refunds are easy. In one instance this seller will not refund my $29.95. So finally I called CB! They immediately issued refund, over riding the seller’s response. Mind you, they do have few shady sellers!

It should be noted that to achieve your first payment you need to make at least 5 sales, just 2 or 3 sales and you won’t be paid. In addition these sales should be made using at least 2 of the following payment methods:

1) Locked Content – They will lock out some content for you as they believe that it will prevent users from information overload. While this might be good for a newbie, it is quite a turn off for intermediate and advanced marketers.

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