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Hey all, I’m Nat: Blogger, runner, food loving, mother of two. You’re in the right place if you’d like to: make & save money online, start a niche blog/website; or simply learn more about affiliate marketing. 🙂 More about Nat….

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If you post an unencrypted HopLink, people will be able to figure out your account nickname. I don’t know if that qualifies as a danger; your account has a good deal of security even if others know your nickname.

Clickbank provides a market place where buyers and sellers can meet and deal in an atmosphere that is regulated by CB. I am prepared to purchase a product from an unknown (to me) source because I know that if the deal goes sour, or is not as promised, then Clickbank will be the arbitrater. This way I benefit and so does the seller as I take a protected risk and the seller gets paid as well. I cant see how this is a scam. the scam is the rogues in the marketplace who promise the earth and deliver rubbish. They cant hide from clickbank!

Clickbank pays out commissions every two weeks. One of the great advantages of Clickbank is that you get to choose the payment threshold which can be set to as low as $10 – which means no waiting around for weeks because you were $1 below the threshold.

Great article Charlie. The first thing I think when I see a well known entity being accused of being a scammer is “uh oh somebody didn’t get their expectations met”. No one stays around as long as Clickbank by scamming people.

Very true words spoken above! I am UK based and there are some decent products on clickbank I would like to promote, however, having just logged back in after a brief absence, have found that the small amount of commission I earned has been eaten up by clickbanks dormant account charges, also never an email to say “You Got Funds” ! They say you can only have direct deposit account after you have made 5 different sales for different products!, and then only after your check has been sent to you and deposited in your account,! They provide no proof of postage or email that a cheque has ever been sent, or is going to be sent and who are you to be able to say that they didn’t send it, or it was not received….so when the imaginary cheque arrives..five times and clears..you then can have a real account, but there does not appear to be any way of tracking your hits or sales and most of the products for sale are with landing pages that redirect and want the potential customer to purchase a bigger package or register their email for the next big thing that you have no control over what so ever give them your bank details and begin promoting their products spending £100’s of pounds and getting hits,..but only to find that the customer has been redirected via an email link, that you can’t track ! I really think you will find that the very vast majority of products for sale actually are commissioned by the owners of clickbank, and thrives on the gullibility of new-comers and the honest intentions of most of us genuine people trying to sell a product to enhance our lives and other peoples lives, not just to line the pockets of these unscrupulous con men under the umbrella of paypal, I hope that their dubious practice is exposed before too long and that someone in the UK will develop the same type of program, and also that Paypal will listen to the complaints that should ALL be registered ..no matter how insignificant they may seem…so I lost about £34.. big deal..but even if you times that by a few thousand, it is still a lot of money. I like your website and please excuse my ramblings! John http://www.goldwriters.com

ClickBank is legitimate, but always thoroughly research your products and to be successful it will take a lot of hard work. I would suggest getting some online internet marketing training and aim to set up your business for long-term success.

Because Clickbank is also a payment network – i.e. they process the payment of sales, Clickbank is quite good at preventing fraud. Merchants aren’t able to try and trick you out of sales (unfortunately this does happen) because Clickbank gives you your cut straight out of the payment.

Clickbank.I have found some really great products on there and I believe that there are some reputable people that are doing business on the website. I enjoy reading your articles and I believe that you’re a good person to emulate.

Big commissions. One product I promote through CB earns me over $250 USD per conversion. I would need . The vast majority of offers available will earn you $20 USD plus. This means you don’t have to sell a lot to make a nice side income (if you live in a country with a weak currency relative to the US dollar, then a couple of sales a day could equal a big annual income). There are also many recurring offers available, which means you can earn each month from the same sale until the customer cancels their rebill. Most vendors offer either a 50% or 75% conversion rate – EPIC!

(DIY) How to “Build Your Own Backyard Aquaponics System” and save money by growing vegetables and raising fish. With Aquaponics technology you can grow up to 10 times more food in 1/5 of the space, in half the time – and all year round, compare that of a conventional garden.

If you promote a product on Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist, or any other site, you must follow their terms and conditions as well as ours. We terminate accounts who violate the terms and conditions of other sites to protect our business with those sites.

Well, it my first time to hear clickbank after I started this kind of affiliate links business because I need to learn more and hear some opinions from other people who already have started this business and strategies in order to broaden my knowledge,

I have to admit, I haven’t been impressed by the products I’ve seen at ClickBank. The company itself seems OK; I can’t speak about payments since I’ve never managed to sell anything from them (even though I’ve tried). They *have* been good about processing refunds for me, most recently when I didn’t receive a response from the merchant after three email attempts. But I haven’t found any products there that I’d want to promote, for lots of reasons: almost everything is an ebook, a lot of sales pages are poorly done (some don’t even have prices!), some product ideas are just ridiculous, many products are way overpriced (maybe to support those huge commissions), and the site seems to be dominated by internet marketing products (which is not an area I, as a newbie, want to venture into). And then there are merchants like the one I just mentioned. I realize these things aren’t CB’s fault. But it is frustrating. I think CB would be easy to work with. I just wish I could find something I thought was worth promoting there, that *isn’t* an IM product.

Since ClickBank Marketplace has several thousands of ready to promote products, the products are organized into categories. Each product is listed in one main category and one secondary category. You can find the list of the main marketplace categories and all secondary categories on this page.

You’re building an email list meaning that you own the audience. This means that you can sell more things to them once they reach your main list, and the value of your media property is greatly increased and compounds over time.

Beginners – Step by step training videos that will teach you how to create your product. It also includes modules like your first product, upsales, packaging, how to convert visitors into buyers, selling pages, funnels, pricing, and so forth. You will also be guided to the next steps that needs to be followed.

The thing that irritates me the most about all of these sites now is this trend of presenting an offer, you take hours, days, and weeks to evaluate it. You finally decide to go for it and bam you find out it’s just an introductory offer. You’ve spent money and now you’re hit with an upsell and then another and possibly another before you’re allowed in. It’s enough to turn you completely off from moving forward. Is this the way to make money? Sell a product with fake prices on the front end????

Yeah, unfortunately I have noticed with a lot of affiliate programs (not just CB) they have rules in place that make it harder when you are just starting out. This is why it’s important to have a traffic source BEFORE you sign up with many affiliate programs. That way you generally don’t have to worry about not making enough sales.

This way you make it easy on yourself and traffic is easy (especially if you check the content I’ve shared earlier). The problem is, most people collect emails and have no idea what to do with them then or put the sales before the value. This post teaches them to put value first, sales second if they want to be successful.

The next thing you want to take a look at is the bottom of the page. At the bottom of almost every page for Clickbank products, whether it’s a video sales letter like this or more of a text-based sales letter like this, there’s usually a little affiliates link. Basically, that’s a link to a number of affiliate resources that help you promote the product. You want to look for that, and then click on the link if it’s there. You want to take a look at basically what they offer you; so whether it is some banners to help you out, whether it’s a dedicated affiliate manager. If they make you sign up, you usually don’t have to do that. They usually have this ‘Already a member? Click here’, and you can just click on that and get access to the resources right away. In some cases, they have contest like this, and a lot of times they actually offer you a lot of things that can help you, like swipes and banners. Just look for things like banners, or creatives as they’re often called, and just take a look at them and see if they would be a good fit for your site. If not, no big deal; you can always go to Fiverr and get a banner made pretty cheaply. In general, I’ve found the more stuff that they give you to help you promote their product, the better, especially because when you’re first stating out, you don’t really know whether or not this is going to go well. It helps if they give you a quick banner that you can just throw up on your site to test the waters and see how well it converts on your site. If you see that they give you a lot of support in terms of creatives, then that’s a good sign that they’re going to be helpful when you actually sign up as an affiliate. Even if you don’t see a lot of banners, it’s not a deal-breaker; it’s just something that helps make the process of promoting that product a bit easier.

All you need to do is set up a sales page, download page, list your price and the product will be available immediately for others to view or promote. Clickbank made it easier by adding features that enable you to track where sales comes from, offer recurring billing and set up a custom 2-tier commission structure.

ClickBank is a minefield of shady offers and over-hyped information products. But within the ebook jungle there are several world-class products that you can promote to your email list or website visitors. This video will show you how to sift through the low-quality junk so that you can find top-notch products that you can make money from while adding value to your site’s community.

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